Letter to All News Agencies

Letter to Biased, Liberal or Fake News Agencies and their Reporters which lie about Trump, this current Virus and a proven natural way to end the Virus. Natural Way being with Diluted Chlorine Dioxide (Active Water) an activated Mineral Salt.

To whom it may concern and to the Editor and/or Owner,

Your reporters have done not one single bit of investigative reporting to establish any part of it. Why? Because in order to understand a subject, you would have to bring in both sides of the subject and make sure you you are the right side of the story. Who had proof, and who does not have proof? That means you bring the testimonies from the 250 Videos which are public for any one to view, WHICH IS EVIDENCE IN ANY COURT! And this email is testimony of our use of Active Water, which is usable in any court to establish it works. 5 Years I have tested and used it successfully every single time. Yes..your such good investigators. Instead you try to get their videos removed so there is no evidence to come against your fake report and even people who explain how to violate the Right’s of We the People even more so, just wonderful! Well the testimonial videos were totally backed up and therefore are on sites which Protect Freedom of Speech! Right now Youtube is violating all Human Rights at this time, which has directly or indirectly also cause many deaths by concealing actual natural ways to heal which have been proven over a 24 year period to work. And now your an accomplice to that act by their very report you used to smear something that was real and worked. And the FDA prescribed drugs have killed directly or indirectly over 783,000 people every year since 1996 and the number must be incredible by now to this date as fully documented by multiple Doctors in a full report issued in 2004 called “Death by Medicine”. So I guess Youtube should remove all videos from every drug company and every doctor who quotes on them on the planet in Youtube, because millions have died by their drugs as unnecessary deaths since 1996? Yes! Would that not be the proper response? Based on their terms of use! Of course they should, but you see they are discriminating against a class of people, of We the People, and you hurt us, but you leave the real criminals videos online…the real guilty parties get away with it, and you sad and lazy reporters, destroy innocent people, to silence them without any real evidence of abuse or damage of any kind. My stomach aches….wow…these are real injuries. Our Letter to the President is sufficient in explaining how that all works, link included and as fully stated herein which includes our disclaimer and privacy-policy, which I don’t want to be branded giving medical advise, for education purposes only, and if your reading this you have agreed.

Your reporters fail on this consistently. All I see is biased, evil assumptions to wrong motives and no evidence to establish any part of your article against Active Water. It should be taken down, and retracted, and anyone you defamed or slandered in it apologized too.

As shown in the Public Letter to the President of these United States of America link included herein, there is massive evidence to establish he was telling the truth. His own advisers are linked to a $844 Billion dollar industry which wants everyone dependent on drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, instead of the natural bodies capability of killing off anything bad in it. If there was a natural mineral which could be used in a safe way to boost the immune system in the human body and allow it to cure itself without side effects or death always being at risk, would you do it?

That is the whole point of what President Trump was trying to say. He told the truth, but his advisers instead of telling him it was a safe Oxidizer which has been used and consumed for over 100 years by people all over the world, because it is used to purify water supplies, which then people drink. Then he would have used the proper term in the conference which everyone has been going nuts on. The term “disinfectant” was not related to Clorox or any commonly used disinfectant. But this is a Mineral Salt, which once activated becomes an Oxidizer which in the Letter we have the proof of the Efficacy that is kills all viruses, infections, bad bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa, spores and probably all others not even known. it works in water supplies (last 100 years), it works on surfaces, it works to clean hands, it works to kill everything on and in meats and fish (used massively everyday), it works to heal the body naturally (last 24 years)….and most with no side effects whatsoever. There are hundreds of detox programs, and the amount of junk that comes out of the body during them, is horrible, no matter which detox program you use. So you to say that a activated salt can’t do the same, is ludicrous.

Chlorine Dioxide is to Chlorine(Bleach) as Carbon Dioxide is to Carbon (Coal), there is no way you can link the 2 because they are as different as night from day, and hot from cold. So every time you say, Trump told people to Drink Disinfectant (Clorox) or Bleach, you are lying to the American People, intentionally and willfully. Chlorine Dioxide is an Oxidizer, which can be used for disinfecting purposes, and even better then what is used to disinfect. But to say, President Trump was trying to poison people, was a out right lie!

Science for you, Table Salt is 60.1% Chlorine! Are you going to start telling people stop eating salt because it is Bleach? Chlorine Bleach has 3 Molecules of Chlorine, it is a carcinogen very harmful to the body. Activated Sodium Chlorite with any natural acid will make Chlorine Dioxide, has 1 Chlorine molecule and 2 oxygen molecules, and extensive full published testing has been completed showing once Active Water enters the blood, 50% more oxygen increases in the blood stream, healing the blood at amazing speeds.

They have seen white t-cells like never before in history live under a microscope observations, the normal t-cell will advance throughout the blood stream 2 times faster than they have ever seen it before, even elongate itself like a worm in the direction it is going right to blood clots, clearing them up instantly and continuing. And what does Covid-19 been known to do, cause blood clotting.

And the Chemical facts site most of you use, I am going to make them accountable too for lying and keeping it there for years without proper fully investigated facts being used. They are lying and quoting outdated information and keeping it online, knowing their is evidence out there which proves it works. And No one has died from Chlorine Dioxide, activated Sodium Chlorite as shown by its history.

FDA has lied about what Sodium Chlorite (MMS) can do, why? Either they are the most negligent of agencies, who only investigate non-drug companies only which don’t make them money or the drug industry, or because they know it works, they know of the Patents that have been issued, to clean blood with it, cure cancer tumors with it, and yet they still keep saying it is dangerous, when EPA says it is not, they could have communicated with EPA? They take in massive fees to test drugs, so don’t poop on those who bring in the money. Now this may change now that Trump is President and wants agencies accountable to the People. For now, we have included a Biophysicist in our Letter which shows conclusively, not only is Chlorine Dioxide safe for human consumption and injection, but it will kill the coronavirus and any other at the same time. And he tells you exactly how cornoavirus works.

I will make sure the President knows about all of this and your false report for sure in the next part 2 of our Letter to Him. Because reporters who fail or allow lies without justice or fairness have their place, and you and the NYT should not allow any of them to write for you, unless you and the NYT also want to be known as liars, and publishing false, and misleading information.

I will say it again, if your reporters actually brought in people who have been cured by Chlorine Dioxide as well as the opposing side, and over 24 years, there is over 2 Million who have sent some kind of testimony which I am sure you could have found very easily, if you actually were interested in being fair, then your article would have been fair. You have not, you didn’t, and which makes the sad assumption you never do if it will make your article not have any there there. You took testimony from one person who cured her own son, and she specifically said 38 others, but then you still with that evidence in your hands and without looking at the couple of hundred of others, wrote against Active Water as though it was Quack Medicine. Always one side reporting, which is biased and tainted and fails the reporter integrity smell test. You guys stink, or anyone which reports in this lazy fashion. Where is the seeking of truth, justice and the America way of Freedom. You are oppressing those which have no voice because you have the money, the resources to silence those who actually are telling the truth. Where is that justice? It is not coming from you.

I have 250 Video Testimonies to backup it works, I downloaded them from the Active Water site. You declared or allowed someone to declare they are fake, when these are real people telling their own stories. Did you verify that each and every one of them was fake before you allowed their fake unproven words to taint your story? I have been using it for 5 years to date, and I have healed, eye infections, ear infections, colds, flu’s (including Covid, we had it back in December 2019, and we healed ourselves within 24 to 72 hours, every single time), kidney stones, Arthritis, headaches, body pains, skin cancer, legions in the scalp, gum infections, abscess teeth, I can go on and on for 5 years only Active Water (Chlorine Dioxide, activated Sodium Chlorite, a cousin element to Salt), Active Water has worked every time. No drugs, no antibiotics, no vaccines no hospitalizations.

Proof Natural Remedy gets rid of this Virus!

Even from the NYT Article: Trump Disinfectant Remarks Echo Claims by Miracle-Cure Quacks – “The problem, of course, is that ingesting or injecting industrial bleach can be deadly. Chlorine Dioxide destroys red blood cells, wreaks havoc on the digestive system and can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys.” Okay, lets not forget Table salt is 60.1% Chlorine! Don’t forget that. Chlorine helps break down the disease cell shell with the oxygen in the body. Got it yet! Everyone using Active Water, are simply accelerating the bodies response time and getting rid of bad stuff faster by using a more concentrated version of Salt! You drink more water, to compensate for the fact, that when it kills off everything bad in the body, all that is left is simple component particles of salt molecules, which dissipate in the body easily. Drugs do the opposite, leave huge amounts of toxins and damage to the Liver much of the time. In the Letter even from government sites we have the Reports which state this clearly. Now some of you at least quote from the founder of the Active Water, whose words “<Active Water> does not cure”, it is the person’s body which will once the pathogens and poisons are killed off by it, to do its job healing itself. ‘The Body will cure the body.'” As also shown in the Biophysicists Video on Chlorine Dioxide above and included.

The Evidence in the Video shows clearly a 50% increase in Oxygen in the blood immediately from Chlorine Dioxide, and he holds the patent to use it to clean blood, and it is NOT BLEACH! Know the difference. But what do you or their reporters say? They said “It destroys red blood cells”…wrong, the proof says otherwise. I have used it to cure Kidneys, the Liver and the Bladder within hours, and upset stomachs in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. Yet your reporters said “wreaks havoc on the digestive system and can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys.” We include all of his published reports and just one of his patents to clean blood. If it can clean blood and make it usable again for transfusions….it is SAFE IN THE HUMAN BODY! Another patent we found uses Chlorine Dioxide to Inject direct into Cancerous Tumors, and it destroys them immediately or within days, and then months later, they are still gone, and do not come back, they call it full remission. Link to this Patent: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20190000875?fbclid=IwAR2EzygpQgtwvD_7E2SjuS9BpxDIiQkppUEHCV6rr9SYPhm1bk4Q9-Dh10s

24 Reports of stomach aches, low blood pressure, liver issues or kidney issues from FDA complaints. And no evidence that a single person died of Active Water. Period. I fully explain in the Letter exactly what happens during anyone’s body detoxing. Yet, I have evidence that 783,000 people die a year directly or indirectly from prescribed drugs every year since 1996 from all data collected from the government. And you are going to publish and destroy the most humble people sharing truth to others which actually allows them to heal themselves, without all of the massive drug side effects which one of those side effects is death from most drugs. Active Water was accused of 2 deaths over 24 years, no evidence exists it did, 783,000 every year die directly or indirectly from FDA prescribed drugs. If you are a reporter, that should have shocked your reality if you had integrity. Investigating a report should have been done where you pulled all these records yourself, of the drug company statistics as well from the FDA and from independent reports on it, and made sure you gave a fair and proper just report. you didn’t. I have talked with Mothers, who their autism child was in the hospital every day for 1 to 2 weeks at a time, many times with seizures in and out all year long from taking drugs all the time, they find Active Water, use it, the child no longer needs drugs, and then wow….8 months later their children are in school, talking, relating, having much more normal lives then they ever had before, and yes the toxins at the beginning were massive, the amount of parasites in the body of a child which creates the autism has to be ejected by doing all that they do with it in order to get them all out, it is not easy, and it is tough on parents, but the reward is, a healthy child in the end, no more on drugs, and will continue to get better and better as they stay on the treatment which is now a lot less of all they go through in the beginning, I have extensively researched this…did you before allowing someone to smear them? There is so many of these video testimonies from these parents, to prove it works. You don’t have any real evidence other than the other side complaining without any real proof of any wrong doing. Because a system which penalizes parents for trying to save their children, because they are sick of the damage being caused by drugs and doctors having no solution. Parents will discuss what they are going through, but that does not mean it is not working. I have seen people with cancer, taking the Gerson Coffee enemas, which the horrible stuff coming out from the body just by doing nothing but pressed juices all day every day would cause the body to exspell such strong toxins into the stool the paint will peel off the walls of the bathroom because of the amounts of poison being pulled down to the liver and kidneys, which then the Coffee enemas cause the Liver and Kidneys to exspell the toxins (Bile) into the stool, keeping the organs clean so they can keep the blood as clean as possible in order to keep pulling down the poisons your trying to get rid of, that is why they will do enemas multiple times a day, because they need to keep the organs exspelling the poison collecting to keep the organs clear. What poison? Cancer and all of the parasites which also cause it and heavy metals which many times the parasites attach too. An MD Doctor discovered that parasites are what causes all disease, especially cancer. So anything which kills off the parasites will start healing the body. He proved it with 150 patients, he killed the parasite which is behind all cancers, and the cancer goes away, the ones which did not follow through and got rid of the parasites and went the chemo way, many died later, so only 106 out of 150 completely went into remission, and it was gone, only the ones which he fully tested for the parasites all the time during treatment. Every time it worked the same, but he uses herbs to kill the parasites with his protocol. Active Water does the same thing just a little bit faster and it also increases the oxygen in the blood as well and boosting the immune system because of it. But because Active Water works well with other protocols as shown in the Patent we included in this email, actually people can do both if they want too. We have.

Your reporters LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Willfully and Intentionally! I clue you, President Trump is going to put an end to False, lying people in Publishing, and will allow suing them for false, defaming and slanderous articles where no evidence really existed and/or was sought fairly and properly from all sides. True reporting goes after truth, justice and fairness for the sake of We the People. And if your not doing this, then you are part of the problem in America which needs to be cleaned up. 2 Supposed people died in 24 years, and you will destroy those helping people heal themselves when the same ones you got the report from have allowed 783,000 people a year to die from prescribed drugs every year since 1996, the numbers must be out of this world by now from 1996 till present, your talking millions died from properly prescribed drugs, and you destroy the innocent from a inference that 2 may of died from Active Water, no real proof. The Biophysicist said their is not one shred of evidence anyone has died from Chlorine Dioxide in the last 100 years, government report confirm this, even the EPA states in their report which we reference in the Letter. See all of the reports in our Letter.

I will make anyone who lies accountable, whether criminally or civilly. Please understand. Lying to the American People is no longer an option. And if by your false and misleading information causes the death of hundreds or thousands or worse, then you would also be accountable for possible genocide against whatever group of people that was effected by your actions. As I have fully documented proof, that WHO did and the Red Cross, to hundreds of thousands of people with Malaria. Where 154 out of 154 were cured within 24 hours from 1 half cup of Active Water (MMS), 15 cent dose from a test trial which they approved. Why? 50% Increase in the oxygen in the blood instantly causing the immune system to fight 100’s of times harder in their body within 2 hours, so by the next day when they were tested again…Malaria was gone. Red Cross and the WHO did not think it would work, so then they did everything they could to bury all of the evidence including the video which fully documented the entire event, which we now have. And President Trump does not like the WHO, so he is going to be on our side of this rise to truth.

Also, in regard to Dr. Mikovits, her information and video evidence in Plandemic is true, because we verified it from the other side of the pandemic research, all that she has said is true. And much more evidence will be contained in the Full Public Letter link in this post, which shows how the FDA and the WHO frequently lie in order to hurt innocent people, when they are behind Millions of people dying from drugs, antibiotics and vaccines, as well shown by the 2004 Fully Publish “Death by Medicine”.

Please retract any articles where you DO NOT HAVE BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY! And you better quit depending on FDA, since we have already provided evidence showing more than 783,000 people die a year since 1996, also fully documented and in the Letter to the President, from FDA approved drugs directly or indirectly, yet, no one in 100 years has died from Chlorine Dioxide. Therefore, you loose on both fronts. All evidence in the Letter conclusively shows your report as being harmful and misleading to We the People, before any of you write another derogatory thing about Active Water or MMS, Chlorine Dioxide or those who use it, I would read and review everything carefully and thoughtfully.

In the Nuremberg Trials, the officers said, “I was just following orders”, we all have a duty to Human Right’s, to not follow a order which violates and commits crimes against humanity. All you reporters have the same responsibility, start doing your duty, otherwise your just as guilty of what they did. You can start by calling Youtube and Facebook and let them know you were wrong on your stories, and correct what you did to innocent people. Do you know how you hurt people. They healed over 100,000 people of Malaria with their limited resources, in one hospital 800 HIV patients, went home healthy after 30 days. I could go on and on. Who did you help with your article. By WHO and Red Cross burying the test trial results, 1.2 million people die a year from Malaria since 2012, so how many is that which have died, which could from a 15 cent, half cup of active water still be alive today? Ask yourself, how many people did you let die? Because of the loss of the real, proven safe solution from being able to get out there, because you went to Youtube, FaceBook or Twiiter asking why are you supporting bad people, with no proof whatsoever taht they were even bad to begin with? How many?

I expect a sincere effort on your part to fix what you have done. Trump is sick of fake news, and so is We the People. Thank you for your time.


Author, Founder
America We Serve (Initiative)

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