Letter to New York Times-2020-05-02

Public Letter to New York Times on the Fake News Articles pushing an agenda to silence the Truth.

To whom it may concern or to the Editor or Owner,

Your reporters have done not one single bit of investigative reporting to establish any part of it. Why? Because in order to understand a subject, you would have to bring in both sides of the subject.

Your reporters fail on this consistently. All I see is biased, evil assumptions to motive and no evidence to establish any part of your article. It should be taken down, and retracted, and anyone you defamed or slandered in it apologized too.

As shown in the Public Letter to the President of these United States of America link included herein, there is massive evidence to establish he was telling the truth. His own advisors are linked to a $844 Billion dollar industry which wants everyone dependent on drugs, antibiotics, vaccines more than the natural bodies capability of killing off anything bad in it. If there was a natural mineral which could be used in a safe way to boost the immune system in the human body and allow it to cure itself without side effects or death always being at risk, would you do it?

That is the whole point of what President Trump was trying to say. He told the truth, but his advisors instead of telling him it was a safe Oxidizer which has been used and consumed for over 100 years by people all over the world, because it is used to purify water supplies, which then people drink. Then he would have used the proper term in the conference which everyone has been going nuts on. The term “disinfectant” was not related to Clorox or any commonly used disinfectant. But this is a Mineral Salt, which once activated becomes an Oxidizer which in the Letter we have the proof of the Efficacy that is kills all viruses, infections, bad bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa and probably all others not even known. it works in water supplies, it works on surfaces, it works to clean hands, it works to heal the body naturally….and most with no side effects whatsoever.

FDA has lied about what it can do, why? because they know it works, they know of the Patents that have been issued, to clean blood with it, cure cancer tumors with it, and yet they still keep saying it is dangerous. They take in massive fees to test drugs, so don’t poop on those who bring in the money. Now this may change now that Trump is President and wants agencies accountable to the People. For now, we have included a Biophysicist in our Letter which shows conclusively, not only is Chlorine Dioxide safe for human consumption, but it will kill the coronavirus and any other at the same time.

This is the Letter Sent to President Trump and the First Family to expose the Truth of what really will help save and Heal America Again over this Covid Crisis!

I will make sure the President knows about all of this. Because liars have their place, and the NYT should not allow any of them to write for them, unless the NYT also wants to be known as a liar.

I will say it again, if your reporters actually brought in people who have been cured by Chlorine Dioxide as well as the opposing side, then your article would have been fair. You have not, you didn’t, and you never do. Always one side reporting, which is biased and tainted and fails the reporter integrity smell test. You guys stink, and/or anyone which reports in this lazy fashion.

Where is the seeking of truth, justice and the America way of Freedom. You are oppressing those which have no voice because you have the money, the resources to silence those who actually are telling the truth. Where is that justice? It is not coming from you.

I have 250 Video Testimonies to backup it works. I have been using it for 5 years to date, and I have cured, eye infections, ear infections, colds, flu’s (including Covid, we had it back in December 2019, and I cured it ourselves within 24 to 72 hours, every single time), kidney stones, Arthritis, headaches, body pains, skin cancer, legions in the scalp, gum infections, abscess teeth, I can on and on for 5 years only MMS (Chlorine Dioxide), MMS has worked every time. No drugs, no antibiotics, no vaccines no hospitalizations.

From your Article: Trump Disinfectant Remarks Echo Claims by Miracle-Cure Quacks – “The problem, of course, is that ingesting or injecting industrial bleach can be deadly. Chlorine Dioxide destroys red blood cells, wreaks havoc on the digestive system and can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys.”

The Evidence in the Video shows clearly a 50% increase in Oxygen in the blood immediately from Chlorine Dioxide, and he holds the patent to use it to clean blood, and it is NOT BLEACH! Know the difference. But what did your reporters say? They said “It destroys red blood cells” Yet I have used it to cure Kidneys, the Liver and the Bladder within hours, and upset stomachs in as little as 5 minutes. Yet your reporters said “wreaks havoc on the digestive system and can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys.”

Your reporters LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Willfully and Intentionally! I clue you, President Trump is going to put an end to False, lying people in Publishing, and will allow suing them for false, defaming and slanderous articles where no evidence really existed and/or sought fairly and properly from all sides. True reporting goes after truth, justice and fairness for the sake of We the People. And if your not doing this, then you are part of the problem in America which needs to be cleaned up.

I will make anyone who lies accountable, whether criminally or civilly. Please understand. Lying to the American People is no longer an option.

Please retract any articles where you DO NOT HAVE BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY! And you better quit depending on FDA. 783,000 people die a year since 2000 from FDA approved drugs, no one in 100 years has died from Chlorine Dioxide. Therefore, you loose on both fronts. All evidence is in the Letter, so before any of you right another derogatory thing about MMS, Chlorine Dioxide or those who use it, I would read and review everything carefully and thoughtfully.

Author, Founder
America We Serve (Initiative)

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