BREAKING – Trump Tested Positive for Corona Virus! How Did He Get It?

President Trump Has Never Been Sick Ever!

President Trump has many times stated over and over, he has never been sick! So why all of a sudden does he get sick? WE KNOW WHY!

Trump was given a Flu shot recently during the last few months which they kept pushing him to do, in order for it to be a good example to others, when he had never got one in his life, and he has never been sick.

So we believe this was a very bad mistake! Why? Because the Flu shots have among other things 2 mutated versions of the corona virus in them, and it basically is what gives you a virus, we believe the Covid-19 one as well, but it was never disclosed. Normally you DO NOT CATCH A VIRUS! You catch a cold, or the effects causes the mutated cells which exist in our system and our own body because the immune system is weak, then mutates the cell and it becomes a virus internal. So he did not get it from not wearing a mask or from someone else, you can’t catch a virus, only a cold.

This is absolute evidence that masks don’t work! The Attorney who got it who was close to Trump and Malania all the time when they travel and at the meetings, wore masks all the time, but the Masks did not help one bit!

Sweden was right, herd immunity is the only way, masks are dangerous because they don’t work and they give a false sense of safety when any virus just needs to run its course. Even best N95 mask is only .33 mm when the virus is .14, so the mask will not stop the virus.

Biggest thing to do, boost your immune system with Vitamin D and Zinc, and then it is totally different when you even get symptoms they will not really effect you very much. He has tested Positive for Traces of the Base Mutated version of a Corona Virus, which is a Cold. It does not mean he has Covid-19 specifically. RT-PCR test does not and can’t test specifically for Covid-19. It will only test for any traces of the base mutation of the Corona Virus, a Cold. Every person in the Untied States if not the world has between 1 and up to 10 mutated versions of corona viruses over the years and all flu shots which were given free all over the world, have 2 versions of corona virus in them. Everyone has these traces, this panic was launched by WHO and Elite Control in this World wanting to manipulate all people and control them and make people give up their Right’s and to see how compliant we will be to Unconstitutional law, because mandates are not Law! And Trump got a cold, like anyone of us can get a Cold. It does not mean he has Covid-19. As we said before, come to this site and learn how to destroy any kind of virus or cold quickly and easily. A Letter to the President has been issued back in April fully explaining how to get rid of this virus and any other. Trump will be just fine. Even review the Video’s there which show that it can easily be cured and has already been proven in a test trial. He will be just fine.

60 to 80 Million People get Flu each year in US, this is nothing new, and between 60,000 to 100,000 die from actually having the FLU! Based on the CDC’s own numbers, actually only 10,000 actually died from having actually only Covid-19. Covid-19 is just another mutation of the Corona Virus Cold. That’s it! Sweden knew this, their death rate was less than any FLU in History, and you will find by combining Flu and Covid-19, it is a normal Flu Year! No different! They GOT IT RIGHT! We loose 1.2 Million a year from Tuberculosis and it is extremely contagious but you don’t see us shutting down from that. 1.2 Million People died a year from Malaria, did anyone shutdown in those countries, no. 786,000 People die a Year from Legally Prescribed Drugs directly and indirectly every year since 1996 till present, lookup “Death By Medicine”, it was fully documented by statistics from the Government by Doctors, but yet, even though that many die a year from prescribed drugs, did we shutdown because of the horrible drug industry or vaccine industry causing it? No. And neither have we made them liable for killing so many! How about the retro viruses animal tissues contained in many vaccines these last 50 years, and because of the contaminated blood because of HIV as well which between the vaccines which effected 20 to 40 Million people in the U.S. Did we shutdown? No. Trump was lied to by the deep state Fauci who was on the side of Gates and on one of Gates Foundation Boards, and Gates is being prosecuted by many countries for his injuring of children with vaccines in those countries. And Gates is pushing for World Wide Vaccines. Trump has already signed an Executive Order so now it is U.S. Policy, no mandatory vaccines, they are now completely voluntary!

In Vietnam there was no such thing as Autism in their country, until Gate’s and the WHO brought in Vaccines, now they are encountering Autism growth of hundreds of percent more every year when they never had a single trace of Autism issues in their history before 2012. There was no such thing as Autism in America, until we started vaccinating…Period! You will find in the BREAKING NEWS about the Covid Cure Link below, there is a Video Interview with a person they tried to destroy because she found the retro viruses in people who were suffering with many serious and deathly diseases, all had got vaccines. She specifically was testing them because of the disease they had, trying to find out what was behind the disease, and completely link back to the same retro viruses in the vaccines which were also in all of the people she was treating for their disease and included cancer. So this evidence that many of the vaccines contained mouse retro viruses and animal tissues, which was contaminating Million of People in America and around the world, were linked to many major diseases that America has been suffering these last 50 years was a horrible and damaging discovery against every major drug company in the world behind vaccines.

Fauci knew all of this and destroyed her name, her credibility, so she could never get the evidence to the public, and then Gates, WHO and China were also involved! Fauci knowing this and being behind the funding of the Wuhan Lab in China after Congress Passed a Law banning these experiments with retro viruses from Animals. But because he was part of the Elite establishment U.S. Agency in control of our health in America, he then sent funds to Wuhan Lab anyway to continue the banned project which was against the law in the U.S. So this entire pandemic was engineered to destroy the economy of the US and all countries which followed the narrative, faking all the numbers and pushing the shutdowns. When it was simply a mutated Cold.

Fauci dam well knew about herd immunity! WE MUST INTERACT WITH BACTERIA TO HAVE STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEMS! Fauci knew this! The second wave is not because of Covid-19, it is because of weak immune systems because of the shutdowns and wearing masks which also increase the chances of getting sick from the additional mutating bacteria in the masks and the loss of 18% of the oxygen you desperately need just from wearing them. And also just making the panic from the liberal left Media and hyping way out of proportion a simple mutated cold, also makes people sick and seem as though they had Covid-19. When actually a lot of it was because of panic attacks all over the world, and then misdiagnosis and wrong treatments. Proof of this mistreatment is in a video which we have from the Testimony of a Nurse who came from Florida who said hardly anyone got sick in her city with Covid, but they would give them Vitamin D and Zinc and hydroxychloroquine and they would recover within hours every time, if it was a old American, it would take maybe an additional couple days, but the same treatment and he would be home as well, no ventilators, but then she being a Military Nurse, was then assign to New York by FEMA to help with the supposed Covid Crisis there, and she went there. But what she discovered, horrified her, Doctor’s and nurses literally misdiagnosing patients, sticking them on ventilators every time, drugging them up so they will be compliant and restraining with straps so they could not even get out of the bed without calling someone, if they could even deal with it being so drugged, whether they had Covid-19 or not. Why? Because Medicare would pay $13,000 for patients with Covid, and ones on ventilators would get $39,000, and more for a death of a Covid patient, so now you have people being marked on death certificates whether they had Covid or not as Covid-19 deaths, because it payed well. Absolutely no concern for the patients life. Entire wings of Covid marked patients died on ventilators, which it was the ventilators which killed them. Another lie from Fausi on what would be needed to help people get over Covid. This was plain and simply fraud and murder by those involved.

Believe me, only 10,000 died in the USA according CDC’s recent statistic and really seeing who died of Covid only. All the rest died from other issues they had, but not because of Covid-19. Do you want to know how many others died? I truly believe and the statistic s will show we will never really know, because many were not because of Covid-19, but many from the panic that they may have covid-19 and they were then hooked up to Ventilators and killed because of them. Covid-19 is very rare, you can test positive for Covid because you have the cold, but it does not mean you have the specific mutated version which is not a respiratory disease and it basically causes clotting in the lungs which makes it impossible to absorb oxygen and this is fully documented all throughout this site. Which means putting people on respiratory machines was actually damaging their lungs and eventually causing their death. Not because of Covid-19. One guy being restrained in his bed, and drugged so that he could not get out of the bed and them forcing a tube down his chest, broke free and yanked out the tube himself, and he alone was the only survivor in an entire wing of wrongly diagnosed patients in New York. I have the entire video testimony of the Nurse who blew the whistle on the horrible negligence and out right intentional murder of patients in New York hospitals, and they knew what they were doing, because they would even argue about what to do with the patient, so the hospitals knew what they were doing. This Nurse has impeccable integrity, was a Military Nurse, then a Nurse in Florida and then assigned by FEMA to New York, she many times was even crying for the patients because it seemed like she had no way to save them from the horrible treatment they were getting in New York, which was totally different from what she was doing in Florida.

Wake Up People, it is a cold, a mutated cold, and it is very rare for anyone to have the Covid-19 strain, you may have any of 1 to 10 different mutated versions of the corona virus, which anyone can look up in a dictionary and see is a cold, so the RT-PCR test is not detecting Covid-19, but traces of one of the corona base mutations which almost everyone has, why do you think they used that test for this panic. Because almost everyone who may or could be tested would have 1 to 10 versions of this mutated cold traces in their system, either from your body actually making the virus or from flu shots. I ran 2 Medical Centers with 2 Doctors, 9 Nurses and 2 Labs, years ago, so I know. I have not needed a doctor for anything. I have cured people of every form of cold or flu or infection just by boosting the immune system and never use any drugs or antibiotics or vaccines or flu shots ever. Even a whole family who also had Covid-19 (or corona virus) completely cured them within 1 to 3 days, just using activated purified water. Read more about it at the link below.

No more shutdowns, and no more masks, no more restrictions, no more violating the People’s Right’s! This time, we must and forever ride it out till its over, just like we have done over and over in the past. We will survive this.

Fauci is a liar all the way, and everything he said to the American People and to President Trump. And he is part of the instigators of this virus panic that was caused, as Fauci said back in 2017 that their would be a major pandemic in Trump’s term (how did he know it, unless he was going to be part of its release), then you see Gate’s pushing for mandatory vaccines World Wide. Very convenient, don’t you think!

That is why Trump has distanced himself from him, but yet, because of being constantly crucified by the Media every time they push a fake narrative saying he is not listening to experts, he has no choice, he has to be careful with what he says, but yet still stop these sick thugs in our government from destroying it any further. Believe me he is learning fast. Remember he is one of us, not a politician. He will make people accountable, as he already cut off funding for the WHO, because he knows they were behind this panic made and engineered pandemic, they even have on their website Documents stating this is a Simulation Covid-19 Pandemic, right on their site, we have taken images and copies of all of their documents so if they delete them, we have all of the evidence. There is even more evidence everywhere…that is why all of America is waking up to the fraud committed against the American people and the World!

Just Wait, you will see massive class action suits against the states, leaders and countries for destroying the people, there property and their lives with this lie. 100’s of experts are willing to testify that there was never a need to shutdown for any reason, and that the RT-PCR test can’t detect Covid-19 and it was never authorized by any standard or law or policy to be used in many countries as any kind of diagnostic test, and no one has actually isolated it yet either! So this whole event is being down played by Trump until he can find who was behind it. More than China, there was co-conspirators who did this with China. So we will find out soon enough!

But in the mean while. As shown by a Letter to the President we sent to him back in April, which he did read, because he reacted the next day in a News Conference which the media also crucified him on, because of the definitions given by his advisors, which were all wrong and could have been stated better, which I also respond too in other letters to the Papers and Reporters, which also you can read on this site. The Full Letter to the President will provide everything President Trump needs to get over him being tested positive for a corona virus and what can be done to make sure no one ever has to get sick from one ever again, Here:

Additional proof it really works and has been fully documented that there is a way to get rid of this virus and any other, and it is also proven to work against not only all viruses in existence today, but definitely the rare Covid-19 as well which you can read about it curing 100+ patients 100% in 1 to 4 days here:

We the People Need To Stand Together! And Make America The Best!
God Bless President Trump and these United States of America

America We Serve, Initiative

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