Proof UnVaccinated Live and have Super Health! (Update – Federal Court Case Win – No More Mandatory Vaccines)

Here is fully documented evidence with fully recorded Testimonies of Both Vaccinated and UnVaccinated and here is the difference. This world wide documented Study which they received over 250,000 emails from people who were hurt by vaccines and then they personally went and interviewed over 7800 People, in 45 States in these United States of America and in Other Countries, where the evidence is 100% consistent! With all of the same results! As of 2014, over 1 Million get damaged by autism every year, and the #1 reason from all of the evidence and testimony, the number of vaccines keep increasing. And yet they are concerned about Covid killing 100,000 this year and that is a pandemic, when over 1 million people, children, teenagers are trapped in their damaged bodies for life every year because of vaccines.

Now New York Federal Court has just Ruled in May 2020! They Ruled their will not be any more mandatory vaccines in these United States forcing the U.S. Government to stipulate to that evidence. The vaccine industry was sued by a grass roots organization based on the 2 videos included in this article. They found that not one single vaccine had any proof any were safe these last 32 years…not one single report or test trial showing a vaccine is safe….NOTHING!

A Federal Court in New York has ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” So the U.S. Government was forced to stipulate that no reports or documents exist showing any vaccine is safe these last 32 years.

Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,&  Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory. They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were none.

Case 1:18-cv-03215-JMF Document 18 Filed 07/09/18

Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, cell lines from aborted fetuses, tissue from hamsters and mice, mouse retro viruses, dog kidneys, monkeys, peanut oil adjuvants and much more. Would you put this in your child’s orange juice? No! Allowing hazardous material injections into their children’s bloodstreams has caused untold grief for tens of thousands of parents.

So We the People’s Right’s which are inalienable and no one may infringe on them, but now it has been fully endorsed and confirmed by a Federal Court of these United States of America, that We The People decide our own Health, and now all government agencies and all states of the Union can no longer force the taking of any vaccine when all agencies and pharmaceutical companies have failed to provide any evidence that any vaccine over the last 32 years are safe, We the People’s Right’s is Restored!

If you get Vaccinated, you are more sick, hit harder and it lasts longer, and worse, you are 1 in 50 which can be injured for life or die, once vaccinated, you are more likely to have to take drugs and antibiotics to get over anything, or go to doctors most of the time, or stuck in the hospital, or with life time injuries because of the side effects of the vaccines, and many times the very thing they are told the vaccines fight against, they actually get, and are more likely to get them or many other long term or fatal diseases because of the damage caused by the vaccines.

If you are NEVER Vaccinated, you Live a healthy disease free life, hardly ever get sick, almost never get a ear infection or get sick in any way, and if you do, you recover quickly every time, and many for their whole lives, and many almost never need any type of drugs or antibiotics of any kind, almost never need to go to the doctors or go to the hospital other than for broken bones, 100% PROOF NO DRUGS OR VACCINES ARE REQUIRED TO LIVE HEALTHY FOR LIFE FROM BABY TO ADULT. This is one of most damaging proof against vaccines.

Families where the first children were vaccinated and the next batch of children were not, and with the same foods, same environment, same routines, the children vaccinated are sicker, hit harder, and takes much more longer to get over anything, or injured or died, the ones which were not vaccinated lived and live healthy lives, no issues at all, totally day from night of those who are vaccinated. This is the most solid evidence and blind study, half vaccinated, half not, and the result are exactly the same every time. These families are the drug companies and the CDC, and the Health and Human Services worst nightmare, because they prove 100% NO VACCINES NEEDED OR ARE REQUIRED TO BE HEALTHY AND LIVE LONG AND HEALTHY THEIR WHOLE LIVES NO MATTER WHAT DISEASE EXISTS IN THE WORLD, THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM WILL FIGHT IT AND RECOVER WITHOUT DRUGS OR VACCINES! This is why they have been pushing everyone to be vaccinated, so their would be no way for this PROOF TO COME OUT!

Here is VAXXED – FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE and VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE’S TRUTH, all of the evidence to show NO MANDATORY VACCINE CAN BE PUSHED ON ANY AMERICAN OR HUMAN BEING with this undeniable broad documented evidence and proof that 1 in 50 can be injured for life or die at any age from vaccines which are not required to live a healthy life as shown by the unvaccinated testimonies, and from testimonies from Doctors, Nurses, Biophysicists, Immunologists, Scientists and evidence that the government lied to the people in order to force vaccines on everyone knowing they would directly injure or kill the person if given them. No Autism really existed until vaccines started being given, it was extremely rare of any ever being born this way. They show, that all chronic disease and autism, and injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, the numbers per year is increasing every year the more they continue to give vaccines, by 2032 1 in 2 could be injured for life or die, which is direct evidence the vaccines are what is causing the most disease, injuries and deaths in the world today. See for your self, and never Give Up Your Right’s Again…Ever!. The Constitution does not allow for anyone to intentional hurt any of We the People, and if they do, they are not for We the People, they are violating We the People, and all of them need to be prosecuted for fraud, constructive fraud, constitutional tort, deprivation of Right’s, slander, defamation, and possible genocide against all who have died in the past or been injured for life because of what they did, intentionally and willfully. Watch the undeniable evidence for your self: YOUTUBE BANNED/CENSORED VIDEOS BECAUSE THE TRUTH WAS TO MUCH FOR THEM TO HANDLE (COMMITTING CONSTITUTIONAL TORT, VIOLATING WE THE PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO KNOW): SO WE NOW EMBED WITH BITCHUTE, AND WE INCLUDE THE VIDEO AND DIRECT LINKS AS WELL TO WATCH VIDEO TO WATCH FROM MIRROR SITE WHICH SUPPORTS FREE SPEECH:



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