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Full Letter To The President

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The Honorable President of these United States of America
Donald Trump, White House, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

In Regard:
To Covid-19, and the only real solution which can end this once and for all, and free America from ever going through this again.

Disclaimer: You know how it is Mr. President, I have to make this disclaimer right at the top in order not to be mislabeled as some medical expert or to be confused with giving medical advise of any kind. This is for educational purposes only and, even though I have in-depth medical knowledge and natural health wisdom, I can only represent that this is from our own use, our own success, our own research and our own time being spent verifying directly with people who also have first hand knowledge of the success they have obtained as we have, with also hundreds of Written and Video Testimonies from all over the World doing exactly what we are doing. Reading this, you also agree with the Disclaimer-Privacy Policy of this site.

Dear Mr. President,

Intro: This Letter will give you all information you need to fully understand this Virus and the real Solution to it and any in the future, in an unbiased, professional, ethical, factual, honest, truthful approach with first hand knowledge and true evidence to back it up. This is what real reporting should be like, and I know Mr. President you will appreciate how complete this report/Letter will be on this entire subject. Once you get past the initial appreciation we just have to show at the beginning for you and your entire family, you will not be disappointed with the knowledge you will gain. It will give you the ammunition to make sure you will not allow any advisor or medical professional even in the slightest way mislead you, or give you false information of any kind, because you will have a very good base of knowledge in layman terms which will make it so you can make very wise decisions in regard to this Covid event, and the re-opening of America be a complete success. Please understand, anyone who is linked to drug companies will be effected by this Report/Letter, and they have tried in every way to keep this information from being discovered for years and years. Why? Because We the People now have a way, to eliminate all disease, pathogens, viruses, infections and parasites, without the need to be dependent on drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, plasma antibodies or hospitalizations. Mr. President, you now are looking at a document, which holds truth, so real, proven, valuable, you will understand first hand, why the drug companies, the WHO and many agencies and governments have tried to silence and bury this amazing miracle for almost 24 years, and even possibly back since 1939. If any Doctor either in the U.S.A. or in certain countries ever recommends a natural remedy, his/her license to practice Medicine will be revoked or stripped from them. Again Why? To control the People, everywhere in the world, and make money off of their misery, and keep all people dependent on them. Which is completely the opposite of our Constitutional form of Government, for We the People and by We the People.

SPECIAL NOTE TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS: YOU DON’T JUST START DOING IT! There is multiple books, websites which have massive information on this subject and with 24 years of experience behind the solution, with methods showing up to 30 ways to use it, 2 or 3 of them which are the easiest way, that can be used to get rid of this virus. But Please make sure you learn all about it first, before taking it. The President, I am absolutely sure, once he has had it checked out properly, I am sure will do his best to make sure no misinformation will be directed by the government to the people in any way until he has established a proper method or protocol or distribution chain for the government to get involved with it, and only if he decides the government needs to. He may just simply provide guidelines on how to use it safely and properly, because of how easy it is to make it and use it. But whatever he decides, please be patient, and do it the proper way, and get all of the knowledge about it first, and exactly how to use it, before you do.
You have the right to control your own health, but do it with wisdom and common sense.

I am a national of the California state Republic, a 4th Generation Californian and an extremely proud American, specially of the amazing job you have been doing for our state Republics and these United States of America. I believe strongly, that your being our President saved us from total collapse, the dismantling of our Constitutional Republics, the loss of our Conservative way of life and the complete destruction of our Moral Values, which were secured and established by our Founding Fathers since the beginning for our posterity from God to We the People. You saved us Mr. President, and may God Bless you, the First Lady and your entire family, who all work so hard for We the People.

God had mercy on We the People, for leading you to leave the comfort of your very prosperous, well deserved and earned way of life, which would have been much easier than what you have been put through, to become the 45th President of these United States of America. And God made sure you won!

We use common sense the way you do. And you just made sense. No other candidate did. We told every one 6 months before the Election to ignore the polls, knowing you would win! Everyone could not stand our believing that. But we never stopped telling everyone….and then you won! It was the Happiest Day of our Lives! We have been praying for you, seeing how much the Liberal Media hate seeing your success in leading our country to victory over, and over again. They just can’t stand it.

You were violated by an unconstitutional launched investigation of Russia collusion, which was based on fraud, constructive fraud, violations of both Statutes and Constitutional limits, which should have never happened, because it was a fraud in the end again you were innocent and never deserved the way you were treated over it. And every single person involved in that cover up and concealment of massive violations of the law and unconstitutional acts need to be held accountable.

You were violated by an unconstitutional Impeachment, which should be expunged, as soon as possible. And every one involved in that unconstitutional acts and violations of statute law should be investigated as to their connections with it and held accountable. You have been performing your Duty both under the Constitution and under the statutes, which also require it, and it was your duty to question any corruption with any foreign country, no matter who was involved from any past acts, Period!

You have not done anything other then what is good for our country….Always! I have faithfully reviewed all of the Bills Passed and the Executive Orders you have been signing to protect the American People, even though I know you have not liked every Bill they have passed, you did your best to hold out for what would help the American People each and every time and have with the utmost care have been calling for and sticking to Constitutional limits and restraints the best you can.

As long I have lived, I have never seen any President ever keep all of the promises they made, as you did, and you have done dozens and dozens more protections, reductions, removing red tape, assuring Conservative values and undoing the horrible liberal destruction of what makes this America the Republic for which its stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!

You have done way more, beyond what any President has ever done for this country in its history. And you’re doing it now again, making sure we win over this virus. May the Lord give you ultimate wisdom in this event, to see the truth and heal our land. But I want you to know, you have been absolutely right in all your News conferences. Being calm is exactly what you need to do and to project that confidence to everyone in America! Keep ripping apart the Reporters who are trying to create panic, when there is no need for it, keep doing the amazing job you are doing!

Why? Because really you have the solution in your hand and at your finger tips, it has been around for over a 100 years and it is everywhere! The supply is massive! It can and will boost the immune system allowing people’s bodies to heal themselves of Covid virus within 1 to 5 days every time! I mean that based on how fast I have personally seen viruses go away. It does every time! What is showing is results already from my own use and from input from people all over the world, 90% to 95% may recover and heal within the first 24 hours. They had Covid, some worse than others and were given the activated mineral in purified water. After being treated with it and tested again, Covid was gone, the test showing negative for Covid.

Please with the utmost respect and honor, this is my Only True News…Real News…. Proven News on this subject! This is as far from Fake News as you are. You will hear words like cure, cured, heal, healed, but never misunderstand, the solution we are using and are recommending, does not cure anything, it does eliminate pathogens and poisons, and increases the PH Balance in the body, which then boosts the immune system dramatically, and in doing so, it makes it possible for the body to cure anything itself…and I really mean just about anything related to diseases, pathogens, viruses, infections and parasites effecting anyone’s body.

Because this letter is so important, I am making it a public Letter to You Mr, President, so that as many as possible will benefit from the truth contained in it. This information should be free to everyone. No one should be deprived of the knowledge of being able to take total control of their health from this point on in their lives, especially in the light of this unnecessary pandemic that should never have happened.

You are right in regard to China and the W.H.O., they are corrupt, and definitely the WHO too. More proof of that corruption is in this letter. Also at the very end of the letter after all of the Attached Comments, Articles and Links, I have one more message to you, which I pray will be very much considered. Because its time to Heal America once and for all.

One of my curses is a photographic memory. Anything I read, see and do, I always remember, so I am able to cross reference large amounts of information and connect all of the dots and am able to understand complex as well as the easiest of circumstances, events and perceptions with extreme clarity. I program, and remember millions of lines of code all the time, which is why I have been absolutely cringing every day, knowing what I know and hearing and watching about people dying, when they could be healed in as little as 24 hours after taking doses of what we use every day here in our family. I have healed every kind of cold, flu, respiratory infection, eye infection, ear infection, Arthritis, body pain, soar throat, etc.,etc, on and on, with a simple activated purified water. And Covid-19 can not survive in any body that takes this activated purified water.

Why is it that no one is talking about this? Look for yourself:

Right now I am seeing Leaders of the largest Social Media Platforms already trying to kill any information posted on their platforms which will or can lead to the simple solution that has, will and can cure every man women and child with any known disease, pathogen, infection, virus, parasite, and they are doing it now. They are even touting the WHO as the reason they are doing this, saying the WHO is pushing for the leaders of these platforms, to get rid of this information, even though this information being shared could save every man woman and child. They again are lying to everyone, calling it Bleach, or harmful and therefor must be eliminated anywhere anyone posts any information on it, the leaders of those social media platforms, willfully and intentionally, without any proof to what they are saying, they are willing to cut off information which could save peoples lives, without evidence to the contrary, and WHO does not run policy in the U.S., what is this called? When someone allows thousands of people to die, when there is a solution which can and could heal someone in as little as 24 hours, what is that called? I would hate to say it, but the word fits, genocide to all those who have been falsely led in a direction which may let them die. No one has the right to tell anyone or cut off anyone without proof that what is being said is wrong or not working. But they are doing it without any evidence whatsoever to backup the decisions they are making, so therefore I am providing a massive amount of evidence in this letter to backup everything I am saying.

News stations are starting to demean and discredit, the extremely humble people, who have personally used all of their resources to cure hundreds of thousands of people of every known type of disease so far, using this simple purified water solution. Do you think the WHO knows what they are doing? I have evidence they are concealing 154 people cured out of 154 within 24 to 48 hours after they received a simple half cup of active purified water, and they buried the video documenting this evidence for 6 months, and when the video leaked, then they were behind the Red Cross publishing a complete denial, in order to not certify the results, and they did this willfully and intentionally the end of 2012 and half way into 2013. Will cover more on this later. But lets, see, how many people die of Malaria a year? 1.2 Million? How many were left to die in 2013 because of the WHO and the Red Cross?

If there was a way to eliminate all disease without any Drugs whatsoever and let your own body kill off every known disease that exists within the Immune system’s capacity to kill off anything foreign to it, would you do it to save every man woman and child who lives today? Would you do it to eliminate this entire unnecessary pandemic from a simple virus called Covid-19, which could be eliminated in as little as 24 hours using a simple purified water? Or would you bury it, along with all of the evidence it worked 100%, to protect a market which is worth and raking in every year in revenue $844 Billion Dollars in 2019 and projected to rake in up to $1.181 Trillion Dollars in 2024 world wide, living off the misery of keeping everyone dependent on drugs, and never allowing any solution that has, will and can eliminate every kind of disease, pathogen, infection, virus, parasite to ever see the light of day? What would you do? I would publish the truth far and wide! But what will you do?

There will always be mutated genes, which create havoc in the human body, where proper Medical knowledge of those mutations is valuable, and there will always be a place for Doctors, for broken bones, accidents, emergencies which require surgery and physical repair which is beyond curing from the immune system, but, this purified water will strengthen before, during and after those surgeries the immune system every time, providing faster healing and recovery always. But people with mutated genes and issues are very rare, and 98% of every known disease, infection, virus and parasite can be naturally eliminated, by simply boosting the immune system’s capacity to kill them off along with anything that intrudes. It causes to heal faster anyone recovering from a surgery or an accident, even making it so any further infection is impossible after any major surgery. So there will always be a place for Doctors and surgeons. But insurance would only need to cover accidental coverage for broken bones or emergency repairs of the human body, thereby reducing all premiums across the board, once everyone was able to eliminate all disease that could ever infect anyone. Why? If every man woman and child could no longer be effected by any infection, disease, virus or parasite of any kind, there would no longer be any need for any drugs whatsoever, except those that assist in operations to help ease the surgery or to deal with a specific but rare mutation of a gene that some people go through or have. The rest would simply no longer have issues, as it has been that way with my family as well as millions of others taking what we have been taking for almost 5 years.

I believe Constitutional Torts and violations against the right’s of We the People and violations of all Human Right’s are taking place every day in America and all over the world. These violations are ripe for criminal and civil suits against every Company, Organization and/or Government and its agencies that would violate any of those Right’s and the very essence of the words in our Constitution, which shows very clearly a duty to provide for the well-being of every life in America, if it is intentionally harming Americans, which definitely includes protection from corrupt people, companies, organizations or Governments and their Agencies which would threaten that well being of all Americans for profit! Remember, they have done this intentionally, knowing there is a natural way to end all disease. And they know it, and have known since 2012.

You have shown already that you have the courage to stand up and protect the Rights of We the People or of Human Right’s in the world, on many occasion already! I would, and I thank God, with all of my Heart, that you do as well, Mr. President in regard to this matter before you.

So this is a very urgent message in regard to the Covid-19 virus and the horrible loss of life that we have already suffered because of it. It contains the potential to heal every man women and child in America and then the world from this virus or from any in the future. Mr. President, you can truly stop it in its tracks…and I mean now! I don’t know if anyone has told you already about this or in the way that I am. Many people in the community with whom I have talked are scared to communicate with anyone in the Government; because, when any real honest to God solution to heal anything using a natural simple way that actually works every time comes along, it is always attacked, immediately, and the drug companies will do anything to destroy a natural cure they can’t patent! So out of fear many are not willing to share how amazingly this Mineral works to boost the immune system so the body can heal almost every known ailment or disease within the immune systems capacity, some even at stage 4, of which I have read upwards of 300 written testimonies and almost 250 video testimonies from people all over the world healing themselves from anything from the common cold to stage 4 cancer, each and every time, with just this activated Mineral and its companion mineral for oral use!

Why are they determined to attack and destroy anyone’s reputation who is using this solution in order to silence them? You have already been shown 844,000,000,000 to 1,181,000,000,000 reasons in Dollars. Every Doctor, scientist, lab tech, professor, politician, company, organization, investor or government involved with any Drug company, directly or indirectly in any way, will lie, skew, talk against, discredit, give false information, give false narratives to the news stations, give false advice to our President or produce fake statistics, to protect this multi-billion dollar market, which lives off of the misery of every man women and child in America and in this world. We have direct evidence of this now and it needs to be stopped forever. Mr. President, you have seen how the left and the liberal Media have been doing this with you now for over 3.5 years…so you know I am telling you the truth. Even when there is not one shred of truth to anything the Media has lied about in relation to you, they are doing the same in regard to this absolute complete solution which can and will heal every man woman and child that exists.

I and my family have been very health conscious all of our lives. We have been using this Mineral and water purification solution for 5 years, with no drugs, no antibiotics, no dentists, no doctors — just this mineral which purifies water, which always works. We are one family of millions of users of this solution who have first hand knowledge of its 100% success rate in healing everything that has ailed us. We have been using this well known Mineral, which has been used all over the world in mass, in so many ways, approved by governments, companies, organizations, FDA, EPA, yet they will do anything they can to prevent its being used to cure and eliminate every known ailment in the human body, because they can’t patent or make any money off of it. It is the simplest of minerals that every one uses worldwide. People simply did not know how powerful it is, if you use it in your own body, 60% of which is water.

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%! Being that we all are about 60% made of water, our #1 goal should be in making sure it is PH Balanced! This Mineral works to do that. It is a very powerful method that works by simply activating it, mixing 4 ounces of bottled or filtered water to it and drinking it or making eye drops or ear drops of it. Women can use it as a douche. Even 2 couple of small breaths in through the nose from the activated gas from it quickly kills bad bacteria in the lungs! One can soak his mouth with it or use it topically on the skin, and/or take bath with it to pull toxins out of your body from and through the skin. People who use this purified water solution, have testified that you can actually see it kill pre-cancer skin cells, if you apply just the mineral side of the solution, non activated, directly on skin cancer cells. You can watch it kill the bad cells.

For the last 5 years My family, who are extensive in number, have successfully healed ourselves every time and quickly from eye infections (really bad ones), ear infections (the ones from which you feel like half your head is going to explode), headaches (horrible and unbearable), Colds (which have been around forever in the world), Flu’s (all kinds, including respiratory kinds and Covid), Kidney Stones, Soar throats, nodules in the scalp, Arthritis, Skin Cancer, body pain, circulation problems, bladder infections, Gum infections, Abscessed Teeth (infection under the tooth, the kind the dentist says they have to be pulled, but not any more), I can go on and on, all healed every time, using only this simple activated Mineral in purified water. When we use it topically, we add another amazing liquid Mineral, which allows the simple activated purified water to penetrate deeply into the tissues faster, including enamel or bone, which helps to heal Abscessed Teeth with infections in the bone under the tooth, which just 2 weeks ago I took care of myself. Within 3 days my tooth was back to being strong and stable again, no Dentist, no antibiotics for infection, no pain killers..only purified water.

Remember, all dentists are not taking patients right now. For more proof, my father, now 91, has been taking 1 dose every day for 4.5 years, and he has not been sick one day since! Yet Fake News says it will kill you or harm you! Interesting, my Dad is still alive and well. This is with grand kids and great grand kids being sick around him, giving him kisses and hugs while they are sick! Little kids don’t know, so they innocently grab you, with no effect to him at all. Also, when my mother was alive, she was sick a lot, and he would have to clean her, and he never wore gloves, and never got sick no matter what! And now he is 91 Years Old! #1 proof: He would be sick 3 to 4 times a year every year, before he started taking this activated Mineral and now he doesn’t get sick at all.

The same is happening now with a friend. He was sick every summer, every year for years, but he has been taking it now more than a year every day, and has not been sick since. It is always the same result. When I take it every day, I never get sick, but, if I stop taking it for any length of time, and someone gets sick who does not take it, if I have been eating too many deserts or splurging too much and weakening my immune system for too long, if I open myself up to it, then the minute I get one symptom, I immediately start taking it again, and it kills whatever it is within 24 hours, and its gone. Then I take it for a couple more days to make sure it stays gone. It works every time. Once I treat the 60% water in my body, boosting the PH Balance 100’s and 100’s of times, whatever the intruder was in my body does not survive. Take note that I said Times, not percentage! Nurses who have found MMS, have been able to serve as nurses knowing that nothing in the hospital can effect them, and they use it every day to make sure of it, but many times they can’t say very much, because of the threat of loosing their job or their license to be a nurse or a Doctor.

Mr. President, we truly have no fear of Covid-19 or any virus, infection or parasite of any kind. Super bug or mutated virus, it does not matter, because it is simply not going to survive in our body. This activated Mineral in purified water makes the body’s immune system so powerful in getting rid of everything bad in it, it will starve it, stop it and kill it, in our body, NO MATTER WHAT! And, if taken every day, it will create an Immune System so boosted that any pathogen that comes in contact with it dies immediately, without the need for any drugs or vaccines. In the last 100 years, no bacteria, virus, pathogen or algae has ever grown resistant to this activated mineral, which means it works every time all the time. Doctor’s have known about this since 1939, when test trials on increasing oxygen richness in the human body was discovered to kill all forms of disease. It was published but buried and ignored. The drug companies know about this, because they can’t patent it, because it is a common mineral and the activator, too, is a common mineral. They are natural acids that they cannot patent, because they are already used all over the world in relation to handling water of any kind and are approved by all governments. So they attack anyone who uses these natural raw materials to boost their immune systems, which then are used by the body to cure itself of anything, knowing that they did it without needing any kind of drug, antibiotic or vaccine.

The supplies are massive and world wide. I will explain later why it can be found every where. So you can understand how powerful this is, and how easy it would be to distribute it and make it world wide, but first let me give you a little history of how we started using it. You don’t have to be a Doctor to distribute it or help prepare it for others, it is extremely easy to use.

10 Years ago we had discovered structured water as a very potent and powerful liquid that one’s body must have. Structured water penetrates the tissues deeper and faster, thereby providing wonderful oxygen to the cells much better. Pressed Juices contain structured water, to provide the most potent amount of nutrition your body can get. Then we discovered the Gerson Therapy and its Coffee Enemas, an easy way to expel toxins directly from the Kidneys and the Liver quickly so that your body can clean your blood faster. The cleaner your blood, the faster you heal. This has been known since Hippocrates’ time, 200 B.C. Ask anyone who has had an Organic Coffee Colonic. Many SPA’s or Businesses in the World provide that service.

My father was 81 when he started the Gerson Therapy and Diet, which was amazing, because it reduced his weight over the next 2 months, loosing 36 lbs, down to his perfect natural weight for his height of 6’1”, which doing the Gerson diet always does. After keeping to that diet for the next 5 years, he was still bothered every year with colds and flu, but, because he was on a very good nutritious diet, he would recover without the discomfort that many go through, when you don’t have the right nutrition or use drugs (shouldn’t, but many do) with all of their side effects. But as old as he was, I did not like him still getting sick multiple times a year. So that you can see, we also know about what happens in a hospitals from our own personal experience:

My mom was 100% Italian, because both of her parents were Italian. They were lawful Americans, who had come in the right way and then became American citizens. I am Californian on my fathers side. Here is an example of hospitals not knowing what they are doing. My mom was very stubborn. So she was not in her best health, unfortunately, she had been on a very unhealthy diet all her life, drinking RC Cola every day, all the time, fatty foods, no fresh juices, no vitamins, and she would only listen to Doctors before she would listen to us or my Dad. She refused to take what my Dad was taking, and slowly over years she kept getting worse, finally she became extremely ill, and was taken to the hospital, while she was there, she got worse, loss of breath, her legs blew up like balloons in the hospital. She literally looked worse then when she went it, just after 3 days. My Mom had it, she said she would rather die in her home under hospice then in that hospital. When she got home, at least because of the event she was willing to do what we said for the most part, to at least make the days or weeks left easier to take. We gave her a concentrated Vitamin-C and vitamin supplement drink Protocol, which within 48 hours, all of her legs shrunk down back to normal, her skin tone returned and she was able to walk again, 48 hours after she left the hospital, it was an infusion of vitamins to try and get her body at least to function normally. Should it not be the other way around? Within 48 hours you walk out of the hospital better? Yet in the hospital, they did nothing to stop all of these problems other than to give her more drugs which was killing her liver and making it impossible for the body to do anything to heal it, because the liver is the only way to clean the blood, filling it with drugs and damaging its function just made it not able to do anything other then to kill her, we were watching are mother slowly deteriorate in that hospital, because they know nothing of natural quick easy to apply protocols which would restore health faster and quicker if they would just recognize them, but they don’t. They only want to use drugs, and the side effects were killing our mother. So they at least got her stable but on death’s door with all of the horrible side effects there, so they were forced to let her out, because she insisted and she was on hospice so they had no choice. Since she tried to stick with some of our advise, finally, she was able to at least have independent function and feel like she had some dignity left, but then decided, she no longer wanted to fight anymore, the damage she sustained just being in the hospital for those days took a final toll on her. The only reason she lasted longer, was from time to time, she would take what my Dad would take himself, but she would never be consistent, so when she would take it, she was good, when she stopped taking it, she would decline every time, and because of the last hospital visit, and the damage to her Liver was so final, she was too weak to recover, it was a constant battle of feeling good, and not, so all we could do, was make the days she had left, as comfortable as possible, eventually even that was not enough to make her feel like she wanted to go on, so in the end, we lost her 2 years ago.

She left this world with everyone in her home all around her, so she went knowing every one loved her and was there for her. I always wished she would have been more willing to be health minded, but she was too set in her ways, and no one could convince her, so she is with the Lord, I am sure. But her history on doctors and hospitals, she trusted the drugs Doctors gave her, more than the healthy products we were trying to save her with and most of the time she would refuse to take them. This is the perfect example of society gone wrong, making people dependent on drugs, more then what it requires to stay healthy. And the Doctor would always talk against anything natural we said would be better for her, every time, the Doctor would always push for a drug solution, always. So I feel very strongly, if the Doctors even 20 years ago would have started to wise up and realize that Drugs are not the solution, and stopped trying to push them, our society and many of We the People could still have been alive today. But, since my Dad was health conscious and refused to listen to Doctors, because of seeing the difference of not using drugs, he was very healthy, and always did what was needed to keep his body in good condition. So who listened to Doctors and who did not? And who is still here?

When 5 years had passed, my Dad was 86, and I felt there had to be a way to keep your body in a condition that will no longer allow it to get sick. Then I discovered John Ellis Water. It uses a Distiller Machine that heats and cools the water hundreds of times per gallon made (not a regular distiller, which only heats and evaporates once back to water) The John Ellis machine kills every known contaminate in the water. It infuses 3000% more oxygen and hydrogen molecules into the water and changes the Bond angle of the water from tap water’s 104 to 113.8. Having water with that Bond angle allows all of the water and oxygen to penetrate the tissues in the human body as easily as the structured water does from Pressed Juices.

An MIT Professor found that when a person had drunk John Ellis water, he was able to test for it on the surface of the skin within 2 hours of the person’s drinking it, and it showed the water came through the skin. Also the FDA had certified it as 0.07 pure, which is higher than the FDA 0.1 standard, which they consider pure water. So now we have structured water without Pressing Fruits and Vegetables, which is now another amazing and awesome benefit. It is the purest water you can get anywhere, with 3000% more oxygen and hydrogen molecules and with a tissue penetrating bond angle of 113.8. It also provides better health and more energy. We use it to cook our foods, but the amount of oxygen was still not enough to keep at bay completely all pathogens.

Of those who use the Mineral, only a small number of them know about the John Ellis water, which when it is used with the Mineral allows for even faster healing, which I have noticed the difference between purified bottle water, and the purest Oxygen rich John Ellis Water. It is more quickly absorbed into the body to boost the immune system even faster. So it just gets better and better.

So, I still wanted to make sure our bodies were able to fight off anything and quickly or make it so you can’t get sick at all. So my search continued, for a long time, and then I found it, by a miracle, and this discovery I believe is a Godly miracle. In all of my years of seeking and using health related items, this was the most powerful, easy to make and easy to take solution I have ever come across.

During a work project in South America, a certain man was mining for precious metals. He used a lot of local workers to help in the project, until all of his workers got Malaria. He was very sad, because they were all in pain, and he wanted to help in some way, but all he had was Chlorine Dioxide tablets, which are used world wide to Purify Water supplies and for portable purification of water. The tablets contained a combination of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid, together they are an Oxidizer, and he had a supply he brought with him, just in case he needed to purify water that may have come from filthy ponds or creeks. So he prepared a small amount for each worker and mixed it with water. They drank it immediately, instead of waiting for the purification process to complete, when put in the tablets, after so long the water becomes clean and tasteless like regular water. They were so thirsty for clean water, they did not wait and drank the water with the minerals still active. Within hours, all of them said they were feeling better. They went to sleep, and when they awoke in the morning, they went back to work as though nothing had happen, as though they had never got Malaria.

The man was so astounded at how fast they were healed of the Malaria, that he started doing intensive research on the Mineral and the activator, and he discovered that you can use many different activators, even concentrated Lemon Juice. But Lemon Juice takes up to 5 minutes to activate the Mineral, and he found that by using more concentrated activators you can activate in as little at 20 to 30 seconds and then mix the water in to drink it. So he started testing it on himself, trying different things, and discovered that it boosts the immune system over 100 to a 1000 times, it has the lowest voltage oxygen molecules, at 0.95 volts, which means it is not high enough to hurt any living cell or the good bacteria that we have in our digestive system, but the mineral and its activator attack every bad bacteria and stop destructive proteins from feeding pathogens and viruses, which then allows the body to kill them, so it kills all parasites in the body as well and also flushes out heavy metals at the same time. He found that it increased the PH Balance in the body dramatically and without any side effects. Some people may get a simple detox reaction, but this is normal, if your body is acidic or is saturated with toxins. This is a normal reaction to a boosted immune system. For those of us who have been using it for years, we don’t have any detox reaction and know the difference between side effects and detoxing.

First question: 100 Times? A joke right? Actually No! PH Balance is the measurement of whether your body is acidic or with a high alkaline level. And just to make sure you don’t confuse things….your blood is always at PH Balance, if it drops below a certain number, you will die. That simple. I am talking about the water in your body, which averages around 60% of your body mass. Just so a Doctor does not try to say this is hogwash, we are talking about the water side of your body, a very important side as well. The higher you are to 7.3, the more oxygen rich your body is, meaning a higher level of alkaline. Lets say you are very acidic at 5.0 PH, you take 1 dose of the activated Mineral, now you may be at 6.0 PH, from 5.0 to 6.0 is 100 Times less acidic and 100 Times more alkaline in your body. The water in your body is being purified, which boosts the Immune System everywhere, along with a wonderful quantity of the 1 Molecule of Chlorine and 2 of Oxygen at 0.95 volts, which is now moving throughout your body helping the immune system kill every bad thing in its path. So imagine, if you also keep increasing your PH to 7.0, first it was 5.0 to 6.0 which was 100 times, from 6.0 to 7.0 is another 100 times the previous, 100 X 100 = 10000 times more alkaline level now then when you started, those numbers are all possible based on how high your PH Balance is. That is the boost you get with this activated Mineral being taken regularly, your body becomes oxygen rich with a low-voltage Oxidizing fighter, which is now treating your 60% body of water, of which we are all made, and it now kills every bad bacteria, virus, pathogen, parasite anywhere within the water in your body and every tissue that surrounds your water; and, because it is not a high voltage oxidizer or high value oxygen, it won’t burn off fast nor dissipate too quick nor hurt any good cells or good bacteria in your body, allowing for deep penetration into all of the tissues that need this help for up to 12 hours per dose. Now you understand why it boosts the way it does, and why people will and do heal very quickly. It is actually your immune system doing the healing; so the mineral purified water is bullet proofing your Immune System.

So now, what is this simple Mineral, for one it is a cousin to Table Salt. But first let us analyze what table salt is! Salt is made up of one atom of sodium and one of chlorine. The empirical formula is NaCl. Sodium is equal to 22.99g per atom. Chlorine is 35.45g. Add them together and you get 58.44g. 35.34g Cl (1mol NaCl/58.44g NaCl) × 100 = 60.1% You can verify this by doing the same equation for Sodium. 22.99g Na (1mol NaCl/58.44g NaCl) × 100 = 39.3%. Add the two percentages together and you get 99.4%, simply because I rounded to the nearest tenth. So to answer the question, Salt is made up of 60.1% chlorine. So is Salt Bleach? No.

Now to show that even salt may hurt you, if you don’t use it right, lets look at the fact that if anyone takes a half cup of Salt with water, he may die. This is a known fact. Yet everyone sprinkles a never ending amount of salt on their foods, over and over, without thought of that, yet it contains 60.1% Chlorine. So you now understand that Table Salt contains 60.1% Chlorine. Still want to eat salt? But, it has been shown throughout history that small amounts of it contain healthy properties, if you use Hima​la​yan Pink salt or even Sea salt, it is well known to kill bad bacteria and viruses and even sooth soar gums and teeth. Why? Because of the way the Chlorine bonded with the Oxygen side of the Salt to kill bad things. Well, Mineral Purified Water which has been called MMS (Master Mineral Supplement) is Sodium Chlorite, another type of salt, Chemistry 101, and when activated it also has Chlorine, just like salt. Is it Bleach? No, just like Salt. The Activator can be either Concentrated Lemon Juice, Citric Acid, or Hydrochloric Acid ( this is naturally already in peoples stomachs, its how you digest food), there is another one, but we use the Citric Acid and it has worked just fine for us. Activated Purified Water is an Oxidizer

First things first: when you activate Sodium Chlorite based on a 22.5% made Solution with the Activator Citric Acid based on a 35% to 50% made Solution or Activator Hydrochloric Acid based on a 4% made Solution, put 6 drops of MMS in the bottom of a glass, then 6 drops of an acid Activator, it takes 20 to 30 seconds for it to turn dark yellow or brown in the bottom of a glass or cup. Once it is activated, then you mix in 4 ounces of purified water, mix and drink. Of course we use John Ellis Water for everything. So long as our machine keeps running, we run it around the clock, it makes 5 gallons of pure water every 12 hours. But purified water can be used to drink with it just fine. You use either distilled water or John Ellis Water to make the actual liquid MMS and the Activator solutions, which then fills the dropper bottles, which we obtain ourselves, very cheaply — for as little at 6 cents per dose. Think about that: for no more than 6 cents per dose, one can be cured of Malaria within 2 to 4 hours, which has been documented by hundreds and thousands of people world wide. How much are people spending for Drugs? Yet, Mr. President, with the Government buying it, you could get the price down to 0.10 cent per dose. How many people could you save then?

But you need to know, that the elite, the Drug companies, are doing anything and everything to conceal the amazing result of this immune system boosting mineral, this simple active purified water solution. I will provide absolute proof in links to video evidence and testimony by first hand knowledge, where the Red Cross tried to distance themselves and deny a full test trial of MMS to cure Malaria. They were the ones who put the ads in the radio to let people know to come to the test trial. Out of over 700 that came, only 154 tested positive for Malaria. Why did the Red Cross, the WHO and the government distance themselves and deny it ever happened, because they did not think it would work? But, because MMS did heal 154 out of 154 Malaria patients, which all tested positive and many had 2 kinds of Malaria, as well as many who had other ailments which also were cured. So when they tested the 154 within 24 hours of taking one dose of MMS (143 actually got the full dose, 11 did not get the full dose), 143 then tested negative for Malaria, even those which had 2 kinds of Malaria infecting them and other ailments they had were gone as well with no side effects, the Doctors at that hospital were amazed. They had never seen this before and this fast. So far as they were concerned, there has never been a simple natural way without side effects or possible death from drugs in treating for Malaria in all the years they had been dealing with it, and to see it also cure other ailments at the same time, wow. Then there was the 11 who still had Malaria after 24 hours. Well, they did not get the full MMS dose the previous day, because either they had spit it out or did not get the full dose or only got a half dose. So they were then watched carefully, and they made sure this time the 11 took the full dose of MMS, and then the next day 24 hours later, when they came back, all of them tested negative for Malaria and any other ailments they had. The Doctors were happy and praying that this would be the end of seeing people suffering with Malaria. They fully documented the entire event, showing all 154 tested positive for Malaria, and then within 48 hours all tested negative for Malaria, and the speed at which everyone was healed was what amazed them, just by taking a 4 ounce cup of active purified water. But then after it was all done, they took the results to the Red Cross, and the Red Cross then refused to certify the results, because of also hearing from the WHO. It was fully documented, by volunteers, Doctor’s and Lab Assistant’s, so in other words the Red Cross tried to say they had nothing to do with it. Why? Because the Red Cross, which is also linked to the WHO, gets massive donations for Drugs. And this is now a threat to their money machine and to the drug companies which also have been funding the WHO and many other organizations. So they refused to certify a fully successful trial where every one was cured for 15 cents per dose, and with no side effects of any kind from taking just active purified water.

Mr. President, I truly believe in your heart you would never allow anyone to do that to any human being? But these filthy greedy people with their horrible decisions, I believe have committed genocide in no uncertain terms to a whole group of people. What is more destructive than to not allow all those hospitals to use a proven immune system booster at 15 cents a dose, based on the supplies, the water and the plastic cup, which will get rid of Malaria with a simple active purified water? But no they didn’t, and they even tried to malign completely all those volunteers, Doctor’s, Lab Assistant’s and call them all liars. 6 months after, the Red Cross Test Trial Video was leaked, over 600,000 people had already died of Malaria in that 6 month period. (1.2 Million people die each year from Malaria), And they died because the Red Cross did not want to recognize the success of the trial. How many did not have to die? I remember your answer Mr. President, when they asked you about Covid deaths, and you said “not even 1 is acceptable, no death is acceptable!” I pray Mr. President, that you will do something about this, horrible and purposeful concealment taking place by the Red Cross as well as with anyone who would do the same because of money and greed. Who was also involved with the Red Cross’s lying, and I am sure they have a lot of problems, that I know you are not happy with either. They are all involved with this cover up of the massive healing that is taking place with active purified water. Imagine if it boosted the immune system of every man woman and child in America. We would be the only country, where infections and viruses no longer bother us. And we would no longer fear infections or viruses anymore in this country. Yet, I truly believe this needs to be available to the world, because it can’t be patented, and it is too common. This is the solution I am presenting to you Mr. President, it’s here and has been around for over a 100 years. Please don’t allow the Drug companies or corrupt agencies or governments to get away with these atrocities any further. I will provide the links to the Videos, which is the evidence that all were healed of Malaria.

This Activated MMS is now used all over the world for Water Purification, and we have already established it is an activated Salt (Oxidizer), not bleach! Who would drink bleach? No one. I have seen people online say that it’s bleach, when Regular Salt is 60.1% Chlorine atom, and MMS is simply the same activated. People make such claims against MMS without even knowing Chemistry or them doing any research at all, and they are hurting people by not giving them the truth. People need to research before ever stating False or misleading News, which we all call Fake News.

But you know all about that Mr. President, you coined the phrase, and you’re right. The same Fake News which has been lying about you, over and over and over, well, they have been doing it to anyone who is using or sharing this information with others. They have tried to smear anyone talking or touting MMS, and all it is is Activated Sodium Chlorite, a Salt that has been purifying water supplies for a 100 years, and that is why it can never be banned, because then no one would have clean water to drink or swim in anymore. There would be no more purified water anywhere, where bad water must be cleaned in order to drink it. Don’t let anyone lie to you on this, Mr. President, Chemistry 101, Sodium Chlorite is a Salt, Citric Acid from another extracted Mineral, and together it is a low voltage Oxidizer, not a bleach. It has been used to purify water supplies, meats are spray or submerged in it killing all the bacteria on the surface of the meats (EPA Approved use on Meats), used to clean Hospital rooms, Dental offices, used in 24 hour mouth wash marketed world wide, and the Dentist behind the mouthwash is a “Bacteriologist” and on the label it even says “POWERED BY OXYGEN”, meaning the mixing of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid yields Oxygen, it is also used to shock pools all over the world, which people swim in for hours.

Now for the Truth right from U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry September 2004:

“1.4 HOW CAN CHLORINE DIOXIDE AND CHLORITE ENTER AND LEAVE MY BODY? Chlorine dioxide and chlorite usually enter the body when people drink water that has been disinfected with chlorine dioxide. Because chlorine dioxide rapidly breaks down in air to chlorine gas and oxygen, you would not likely breathe air containing dangerous levels of chlorine dioxide, but if you did, it could be absorbed across your lungs. You are not likely to encounter chlorite in the air you breathe. Whether chlorine dioxide or chlorite on your skin would be absorbed to any great extent is not known. Both chlorine dioxide and chlorite act quickly when they enter the body. Chlorine dioxide quickly changes to chlorite ions, which are broken down further into chloride ions. The body uses these ions for many normal purposes. Some chloride ions leave the body within hours or days, mainly in the urine. Most chlorite that is not broken down also leaves the body in the urine within a few days after exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite.”

More evidence of this, here is an amazing fact, when I was a kid and I loved swimming in the pool for hours, I would have small amounts of acne on my back, but within hours of leaving the pool or by the next day, all of it would disappear every time! Think about it? The pool was shocked with Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid to keep the PH Balance of the water clear, and I never knew this growing up. But now I know why the Acne disappeared every time, the purified water that had been used in the pool, the water still had active MMS in it while I was swimming in it, thereby killed all of the bad bacteria on my skin, which the bad bacteria that caused the Acne was killed. Was it harmful to me? Obviously not, people swim for hours and hours in pools, soaking it into their skins all over the world. So even growing up, the simple Activated Salt was working to heal even from a swimming pool. That means, this secret has been in front of our noses for almost 100 years, and no one realized it’s powerful healing properties, because the Drug industry can’t patent it, therefor has paid huge amounts of money to make sure this information is buried and/or discredited. There was a Fruit from the Philippines on which a Drug company did massive tests, showing it was superior to a Liquid Synthesized Drug for cancer which had horrible side effects. The fruit was natural and had no side effects, but because they could not synthesize it or patent it, they were going to destroy the tests and bury the reports. But the lead chemist just could not let that happen, so he became a whistle blower and exposed all of the test results all over the web, showing the Fruit actually helps kill cancer. This is what the Drug Companies do all the time, if they can’t patent it or can’t make any profit from it, they destroy and bury the amazing results of its naturally curing people so that no one will know they don’t need drugs to heal themselves.

Now lets get into more facts: Activated Sodium Chlorite is used massively in the Meat and Fish Processing Industry, for Chicken, Beef, Fish, even used in Hot Dogs and other processed meats.

See for yourself in the Tables it shows all the various meats it uses it with. And this report references the PDF I just included above, in the end, every single time, no data to show harmful effects. Why? Because it is used everywhere in the world. If you over dose animals and consistently overdose animals, of course you will eventually cause damage to their bodies, just like taking a half cup of salt with water, may kill you. Whats knew! Go to the Meat Table and you will see just how many different ways they treat meat with Chlorine Dioxide, activated Sodium Chlorite (MMS):

Now for some very important facts, which is more important than the fact MMS is actually really safe. These facts go to the very reason MMS needs to be positioned to change the entire spectrum of how people are treated. Which I hope your professional advisors will also get you, because all of it is happening every year. There were hundreds of reports done back in 2000 to 2004 on the issue of unnecessary treatments, surgeries, and prescription drugs, and the costs and the iatrogenic deaths caused by all of it, and it was finally brought to light back in 2004 and 2010, and is horrible to imagine, and now their was actual numbers in detail which really brings to light why MMS is needed more now than any time in our history during this unnecessary pandemic event, here is the gruesome numbers, and these are just in the U.S.:

Death by Medicine
“The number of people in the United States who die iatrogenic deaths is estimated by Dr. Barbara Starfield to be approximately 225,000 to 284,000 a year, which included 106,000 deaths from properly prescribed medicine. These are considered avoidable deaths occurring at the hands of doctors in hospitals. Gary Nuli, PhD, and his medical colleagues estimate the iatrogenic death figures much higher, 783,936, by including outpatient deaths estimated at 199,000 (noted but not included by Starfield) and other categories of iatrogenic deaths like malnutrition perpetuated in hospitals, bedsores, and infections, 108,000, 115,000 and 88,000 respectively. The high end of these numbers represents 6 jumbo jets falling out of the sky each and every day and that is just for the population in America.

Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.

Until now, Life Extension could cite only isolated statistics to make its case about the dangers of conventional medicine. No one had ever analyzed and combined ALL of the published literature dealing with injuries and deaths caused by government-protected medicine. That has now changed.

A group of researchers meticulously reviewed the statistical evidence and their findings are absolutely shocking. These researchers have authored a paper titled “Death by Medicine” that presents compelling evidence that today’s system frequently causes more harm than good.

This fully referenced report shows the number of people having in-hospital, adverse reactions to prescribed drugs to be 2.2 million per year. The number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections is 20 million per year. The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million per year. The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million per year.

The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year, at a cost of $282 billion dollars!

It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.

By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer was 553,251.

We placed this article on our website to memorialize the failure of the American medical system. By exposing these gruesome statistics in painstaking detail, we provide a basis for competent and compassionate medical professionals to recognize the inadequacies of today’s system and at least attempt to institute meaningful reforms.”

Here is the 10-Year Numbers:

Unnecessary Events10–year NumberIatrogenic Events
Hospitalization89 million17 million
Procedures75 million15 million
Total164 million32 million

Summary from Report and a Book was written on the subject as well:
“The medical environment has become a labyrinth of interlocking corporate, hospital, and governmental boards of directors, infiltrated by the drug companies. Drug company representatives write glowing articles about pharmaceuticals, which are then signed by physicians paid handsomely for their cooperation, though they may not know the adverse side effects of the drugs they promote. The most toxic substances are often approved first, while milder and more natural alternatives are ignored for financial reasons. It’s death by medicine.”

Now, if people were able to simply take MMS (active purified water) at home and boost their immune system over a 100 times or up to 10,000 times as they take it consistently, causing all forms of ailments to be cured by their own body, with no need for drugs of any kind, no horrible side effects and avoiding any possible mistreatment in a hospital, whether intentional or not, then a large percentage of the yearly amount of people who die or wrongly treated, or wrongly prescribed drugs, would never happen! Mr. President, “6 Jumbo Jets per day” just on unnecessary deaths, remember when you said, “no death is acceptable!”

When there are statistics showing more than an estimated 2.2 Million people dying within the same 3.5 years from FDA approved prescription drugs back in 2010 alone and which includes from having to be treated in hospitals because of the same ailments requiring drug treatments in the hospital and then the deaths because of how they were treated in the hospitals. How many years have people been suckered into depending on these drugs and treatments, with their horrible side effects and then being forced into hospitals as well to continue more and stronger treatments with even stronger drugs with even worse side effects? You can look for yourself and see the side effects published on every over the counter drug. It makes you pale just reading them, so then look at the prescription drugs, and it’s even worse, much worse, most of the time, the same is true with Vaccines, and from all of them, many of them having a side effect of death. Ever hear a commercial on a Drug, at the end, a Voice will Speed Speak all of the Side Effects of the Drug so fast that no one will be able to actually hear how bad the side effects are from the commercial, and almost all drug commercials do it.

So how safe is diluted Chlorine Dioxide (MMS), Active Purified Water to ingest or use intravenously: The drug companies know this, the FDA knows this, but they criticize vitamins and natural solutions which have never been known to kill anyone, as I have already shown you above by their own reports, yet the biggest killer every year has been properly prescribed drugs. And yet there is no evidence anywhere to date showing anyone has died from using this Active purified water (MMS) for almost 24 years and even going back even a 100 years, and an estimated 20 Million people using it worldwide, estimated around 11 Million just in the U.S. alone. We who have been using it, are the proof Mr. President. And Biophysicist’s and Medical Experts know this is true. What also is not being said by your advisors or all of the Doctors, that using Ventilators also can scare or hurt the lungs, because Covid-19 is not a respiratory infection, it is simply causing a lack of oxygen to get to the blood which then cause the lack of oxygen being taken in by breathing from the lungs, meaning the lungs are not absorbing the oxygen, not that there is a problem with the lungs, when they should have not needed it to begin with if properly treated with Active Purified Water which would have accelerated oxygen back into the blood and simply got rid of the virus and restore the capability of the lung absorbing oxygen on its own again, so using a Ventilator when the body can’t absorb oxygen because of the virus, is like trying to force a straw through a plastic cup when no hole exists for it, you just damage the surface of the cup, but you won’t be able to get the straw in. Hydroxychloroquine is still a drug, and it may work for some people, but because it is a drug, and is engineered, it will still strain the liver, which you never want to do. It is not as effective as Active Purified Water (MMS) is more potent more powerful more quick and a 100 times more effective because it increases immune system by the increase to the oxygen levels in the water and the Blood as well as attacking what causes the virus. He will also discuss the fact he has 3 patents on certain uses, as cleaning contaminated blood with Chlorine Dioxide, even HIV contaminated Blood and it restores the blood to normal as though it was never contaminated at all, if it is safe to clean blood, it is definitely safe in the blood of your body, as shown below in the video:

Biophysicist Explains why Chlorine Dioxide is safe to ingest or use intravenously, and how fast it works in the blood to boost oxygen directly and quickly to heal the subject.

Biophysicist provides additional published tests on efficacy, safety, ingesting, more proof specific to Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) to back up his Video and this entire Report/Letter:

Chlorine Dioxide against the Coronavirus: a revolutionary, simple and effective approach:

Study on the resistance of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus:

Biological Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide: All of the Viruses, Bacteria, Bacteria Spores, Algae/Fungi/Mold/Yeast, Chemical Decontamination, Beta Lectams, Protozoa and Microsporida have been fully tested and have no resistance and Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) (Get rid of them basically, but ti does not mean any other wont also be got rid of as well):

Patent to Use Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) to Treat Contaminated Blood: A METHOD TO TREAT BLOOD (Safe for Blood, Safe in body):

Investigation on virucidal activity of chlorine dioxide, Experimental data on Feline calicivirus, HAV and Coxsackie B5 (Just showing more proof of how amazing Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) Is, it is showing as an Oxidizer it can be used to disinfect, but again, it is an Oxidizer:

Efficacy and Safely Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution (Further proving safe for oral ingestion):

One News broadcast back in 2010 reported that 1 person in 24 years may have died from MMS, and they accused MMS of being a Bleach. What is Salt again?…60.1% Chlorine! And the only reason they said she died of MMS was because their were bottles of MMS on the kitchen table. For the same 3.5 year time period, the FDA Reported on their website that 7 people complained about being nauseated/vomiting or having diarrhea or low blood pressure or liver issues? 7 people out of Millions taking MMS, and they called them Health Injuries? A stomach ache is now considered a Health injury! It would not matter the number who supposedly complained in the last 24 years. Over 11 Million people are using MMS in these United States of America with amazing results and success, and there are many more around the world, so the small number of inaccurate complaints does not hold water against the massive number of people who all have success with MMS.

One of the 250 Video Testimonies, the one by Lindsey Wagner (Bionic Woman from the TV Series) cured herself from Hives after suffering it for 8 months, and just taking MMS for 7 Days, eliminated her need for Drugs and Steroids any further! Her story is later in this letter. So if you compare the deaths from Prescription Drugs and the deaths from mistreatment in hospitals because of the side effects and harsher drugs used in the hospital to the “Fake News Reporting 1 Death”, with no proof it had anything to do with MMS, and it stated clearly the autopsy did not say it was MMS. It was not known, and the other minor complaints from people who do not even know what detoxing means, is evidence alone that MMS is dramatically safer then any drug in this world, and technically it is not a drug, it is a purified water solution. What would you prefer to trust with your health? That which will boost your immune system 100 and/or a 1000 times or more, detox and allow your own body to heal you completely making you no longer dependent on Drugs, or, Drugs, which more than 500,000 have taken and died in the same 3.5 year period in 2010, and the odds are 600 to 1 it may kill you? I will take the 11,000,000 to 1 odds from MMS. And world wide that number is dramatically larger on the odds. And remember the 1, may be 0, because in the end, I don’t think anyone has died from MMS in 24 years, at least till now not one has been proven or shown to exist.

I personally have never used an over the counter drug before or after finding MMS, I literally would massively drink pressed juices only, before I found MMS to get over anything I needed to get over, and then pressed juices and MMS after I found MMS, which now made it possible to get over anything within 24 to 72 hours no matter what I got because of adding the MMS to my health solution. So I have stayed away from any over the counter drug or prescription drug or antibiotic or vaccine, your body just has no need for any of them, because it can naturally cure itself faster if you don’t damage your system with those in your body. The number one organ in your body is your Liver, and almost all drugs harm the liver, which then makes it harder for your body to heal you of what is actually hurting you, because of the damage sustained by the very drug they say is to help you. I have energy which does not quit, only needing about 3 hours a day rest, and 12 hours on Friday to Saturday to catch up. That is how every one should be feeling, if they look after their health the right way.

Here are some facts on MMS, it boosts the Immune System up to 100 Times based on how low your PH Balance may be or how acidic you may be, from just 1 dose of active purified water. Imagine, if you are taking it every hour to keep your immune system so high your own body will kill off anything and everything. But there is a limit, just like with Salt: don’t drink a half cup of salt or you may die. Make sense? And don’t forget, there is 60.1% Chlorine in salt. Try stopping people from using salt in their foods, just because 60.1% is Chlorine. Why? For one, Salt is not Bleach. Two, people are not going to stop using Salt, it’s not going to happen. Now, because MMS detoxes the body so quickly, MMS causes it to flush out parasites. It causes your body to remove toxins and poisons naturally (even kill and flush dead cancer cells) so fast that it flushes down to the Liver and Kidneys very quickly. Lets go over the supposed 7 complaints that existed at the FDA in 2010:

First, Nauseated or Vomited: it is not a side effect! It is a detox reaction. Possibly being sensitive to Citric Acid Activator, one can now use Hydrochloric Acid Activator, instead, to solve that, or, because they possibly have leaky gut syndrome from an issue of Lectin-laced foods, you can look up Lectin foods, which one needs to be careful of. Fresh foods protect themselves, and it laces the skin or parts of the fresh produce, beans or grains with Lectins, which can create leaky gut problems, which then effect the Biome in the gut, which communicates directly with the Brain, a whole other subject for another time. Example: Red Tomato, if a Cricket eats the skin of a Tomato it will die, because of the Lectin in the skin is poison to them, that is why Italians know to always remove the skin and seeds and only use the meat of the Tomato in their Pasta Sauces. They have known this for centuries. So Lectins may cause it, also bad diet or junk food; or, if they are obese or very acidic, or drugs have caused it, but it is not a side effect of MMS, it is MMS finding the flaws in your body quickly! You simply reduce the amount of MMS that you are taking, until your body starts healing and adjusting to it, but do not stop taking it, until your body completely heals from whatever the issue is. Since you are in control of your own health, use common sense, but you are in control, not a Doctor, or Dentist…YOU…feel your body and adjust to the best result!

Second, Diarrhea, it is not a side effect! It is a detox reaction or again sensitivity to Citric Acid, for which you can substitute Hydrochloric Acid instead. But, for the most part, remember, MMS works very fast, because the huge boost to the Immune System, so the parasites it kills, toxins and the poisons (cancer) are all being yanked down through the blood with any heavy metals from different parts of the body, down to the Liver and Kidneys in order to get rid of them, which then goes to the stool, and sometimes it comes out fast because of how toxic you are. So people not understanding this, apparently have never gone through detox before, instead of researching it, they file a complaint with the FDA. When people every day do detox protocols, you can do it with Juices, Water, Fiber, Detox Capsules and many other Detox solutions. But MMS simply boost’s your immune system and your body naturally does it, while it is healing you. So if you are going through too much Diarrhea, you simply reduce the amount of drops per dose, until your body no longer does it, but you keep taking it, because, if you are detoxing, YOU’RE TOXIC, and you need to heal more than ever.

Third, Low Blood Pressure, again not a side effect! Believe it or not, MMS is so fast in healing your whole body, it also will strip the plaque right out of your veins. Remember Heart disease, heart attacks, high cholesterol, people being told don’t eat too many eggs, because of plaque build up? Well, eat as many eggs as you want. Because MMS will strip all the plaque from your veins as it is healing your body of whatever ailment. So as common sense comes to play again, if you take Live Vitamin-C/COQ10/PQQ (no synthesized Vitamin-C, Live is better) every day, 12 hours apart from when you take MMS, then you will strengthen your arteries’ walls, so that if you have a lot of plaque, it will provide nutrition directly to the walls of your veins while it is stripping the plaque out of them. The reason people get low blood pressure is because they do not fortify and strengthen their veins while they are doing MMS, and sometimes 7 days before doing MMS. But either way, it is not a side effect of MMS, and it is not harming you to strip the plaque out of your veins. Again, it is MMS boosting your immune system, which then naturally heals your body. Just use a little common sense, and you will have a healthy body and strong clear veins as well, eliminating the risk of Heart disease or the potential for a Heart attack.

Fourth, Liver issues, which again is not a side effect! Remember, your body is detoxing, and because it is detoxing, your Liver and Kidneys are being flooded with dead parasites, toxins and poisons (cancer), and heavy metals are being flushed out, as well. The issue is that some people have a huge amount of Toxins, remember the PH Balance I have discussed before? Many people because they are in the 5.X level, which is an extremely acidic diet, and therefore you know their body has issues. So, again, common sense: test your PH Balance and adjust accordingly, because MMS works very fast, so you start with a half drop activated, which is 1 drop activated in 4 ounces of water, and you only drink 2 ounces. Keep the other Mineral for the next dose within a couple of hours. And do that per dose, if your body handles it, increase to 1 drop per dose, then 2 drops per dose, up to 6 drops per dose. But the more you can handle the more healthy your body is getting, it is that simple. Here is an example: Recently an 85 year man got Covid-19, was quarantined to his house, but was in really bad shape, so a friend who knew all about MMS, made a 16 ounce bottle of 20 drop activate MMS, purified water, and had him sip it, not drink it, sip it, every 5 to 10 minutes until the bottle was gone. The man did it faithfully, and within 24 hours, he was already 90% better then the day before, now another bottle was made, but this time he was allowed to take drinks until the bottle was gone, and is now completely cured, his family also was Covid-19 positive, but they were also all cured with MMS but faster because they were younger. These are people who posted their testimonies from all over the world. But you can see, they made sure they were careful, because he was 85, and because he may have been very toxic, which is why he got Covid-19 in the first place, because his immune system was weak, but just by even gradually boosting the immune system with sips, will still accomplish the same result..A BOOSTED IMMUNE SYSTEM! You just can’t loose no matter how you take the MMS, the end result is whatever is messing with your body, your body is going to get rid of it.

Now another solution to handle Liver strain, I told you we also use the Gerson Therapy. Here is where the amazing power of Organic Coffee Enemas comes in. My Dad does one Enema per day in the morning, he does it after taking his MMS 8 hours before, so that all of the toxins, if any exist, get expelled faster and don’t stay long in his Kidneys and Liver; because Coffee Enemas expel all of the Bile with toxins and poisons out of the Kidneys and Liver and out to the stool. He does this, because he feels good after taking each one; it has now become part of his daily routine. So, if the person who complained used common sense and properly researched what they want to heal, there are ways to do full doses and still clear out all of the toxins that would flood down to the Kidney and Liver using organic coffee Enemas. But instead of learning how to heal faster with a proper protocol, they are anxious and take too much MMS faster then the body can get rid of the toxins, so they complain to the FDA, that their Liver had issues, when it was simply their body detoxing and it was straining the Liver while they were healing. But, after a few days, it would have passed, simply adjusting how much they were taking.

Fifth, 1 alleged Death, is also not a side effect! Either this was a false story, or it was plain and simple abuse of the MMS, even though there is no proof that it happened because of MMS. But remember, if you take a half cup of Salt, you may die? My opinion, could be wrong, but from hearing the Fake News on it and reading actual information on it, the one woman in Australia who did die was taking 15 Activated Drops of MMS 3 or more times a day. Remember when I said, if you have a lot of toxins in your system and you don’t wisely test your PH Balance first to know how acidic your body is, you may have problems. You may even have cancer and are not aware of it yet, which you did not even know, which is why you should start with a half drop per dose. Are you seeing the big problem? I am sure she knew nothing about coffee Enemas or testing your PH Balance before you start; and, if you take that amount of MMS and keep doing it multiple times a day, without clearing out your Kidneys and Liver from the massive flushing that goes on, there is always the possibility that your Kidneys and your Liver will go into shock and shutdown. But, I will say it again…this is extremely rare if I have never heard of a single person who really and it was proved this has actually happened. Overdosing is pretty hard to do with MMS, one example: Another man who was diagnosed had a horrible infection – a germ in his lungs, which for months, no doctor had any answers. No drug would work, nothing. He got a little relief from herbs, but then he discovered MMS. By accident, he read the instructions wrong, and took ounces of activated MMS, instead of drops. He said it was like firecrackers going off in his chest. His body started to expel a major amount of mucus, which indicates an extreme detox for sure, a real side effect, which would happen if you overdosed yourself that bad on anything. But, it is not normal with proper MMS doses, but after the horrible obvious reaction in his body tapered off, he went to sleep and did nothing else, for another day; and, when he woke up on the third day, the horrible infectious germ problem he had in his lung was gone. No Doctor could figure that out. No drug had worked, nothing; but it was gone. So even though he literally overdosed on MMS massively, he did not die, and probably because of the massive amount of MMS he took, he over destroyed the bad bacteria or virus from which he had been in pain from for months – regardless, it was completely Gone! So, again, even death, when you look at the 11,000,000 people who are taking it in the U.S. alone, if you include the rest of the world, and every one is being healed of just about anything you can imagine. Another example: A large number of New Zealand’s Cows were to be destroyed, because of an incurable disease that had grabbed hold of them, but one farmer got smart and discovered a way to inject the MMS up the tit where the milk comes out; and, because cows circulate their blood almost 20,000 liters a day, which is how they produce milk so fast, it cured them in as little as 24 hours after treatment, so all those cows were saved, and I bet they are more healthy now then even regular cows that did not have the problem. So did they have to kill the Cows from what they always before believed was an incurable disease? Not any more. They have a 1.5 hour video of the Farmer explaining everything he did to cure his cows. I have heard of people using MMS even on their chickens, which for years could not lay eggs, and now do. Cats on death’s door became fully alive and well. Dogs had their hearing returned. Rashes disappeared, in animals all over the place. It has the same reaction in all of life that needs PH Balance in the body of water which exists in all of them. Neither does anyone have to contemplate death, if they are taking MMS, I believe you have a better chance of healing yourself from anything, more than dying from taking MMS.

So all of the complaints with the FDA were wrongly filed for baseless reasons that had nothing to do with MMS, it was simply their lack of knowledge on how it works and not following through until they got the healing they were looking for. Because it would have done it, no doubt, if they had stuck with it. And again, with up to 500,000 people having died over 3.5 years from taking prescription drugs both in and out of the hospital, I prefer the odds of taking a 100 year proven purified water solution that fights and kills all bad bacteria, viruses, algae, pathogens and parasites in water and in your 60% body of water any day of the week, which does not leave horrible side effects or damage your body in its wake, as drugs do. And my 91-Year old father will agree with me, because he has been taking it for over 4.5 years; and, if it was harmful to people, especially being older and/or weaker, would be expected of a 91-year-old man, then he would not be alive from taking it so long. It Works! And it is consistent in its amazing power to keep your body healthy and your PH balance up. My father has tested with PH Balance Test Strips multiple times, and each time,it has shown him to be between 7.25 and 7.50. 91 Years old! Wow! I am always thanking my father every day for being good to himself, so that he can be there for his children as long as possible, and he still picks up 50 lb boxes, 5-gallon glass bottles we use for our pure water, goes everywhere, for his own supplies, and helps all of his grand kids all the time. He is always active, and still drives his own car at 91. His skin it like that of a 40-year-old. He has white hair, but that is normal for his age. So again, MMS works, and keeps people healthy.

You can and will heal your body, and the real solution is raising your PH Balance as near to 7.3 as possible and keeping it there as much as you can. It is interesting: we do it with our swimming pools we like to swim in, we keep the water at the proper PH balance, to swim safely in the water, and we keep killing off bad stuff in the water. Your body is 60% water, and you should be doing the same thing with your body; and, if you do, no bad bacteria, pathogen, virus, protozoa or algae would survive in your body, any more than in your swimming pool. When you control your own health, your confidence also increases, and your body is no longer releasing stress hormones, which are very bad for your system and can create disease on its own or more complications, because your mental stability, also, is very important. MMS gives you control of your health, therefore you also gain control of the stress levels, by eliminating them completely, because, again, you are taking the steps to heal your own body, and you don’t have to wait on anyone. And you don’t have to fear anyone around you having anything, because you now have a boosted Immune System that actually knows how to fight anything you may get in contact with, and it will kill it quickly.

Mr. President, I have seen you in your News conferences talk about Antibiotics. So lets now talk about Antibiotics for a moment. A Doctor will never tell you, but based on the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), Doctor’s should not be prescribing Antibiotics on many minor infections which can be solved by simple and natural means. And I have already shown you earlier, they are over prescribing to around 20 million people that don’t need them every year. But in my view they should not be used at all, because of what I am going to share with you. Using Antibiotics damages the Flora in the Stomach and the Gut and damages the Communication with the Immune System and the Two-Way communications with the Biome in the Gut and with the Brain, causing more Stress and Depression, which can cause more extreme infections, HIV, obesity or any number of diseases, which all take place in and from the Gut, because there is no longer the amount of Flora in the Gut to protect the body from more lethal infections caused by using antibiotics, which create mutated and stronger infections which can take up to 10 days or much longer in a Hospital in critical condition from them, to try and fight with even stronger drugs, which damage the Liver even more, which creates more problems for the patient in the long run. In the meanwhile, the Hospital is making massive amounts of money on the suffering of the patient, whom they originally told to take antibiotics for simple infections THAT DO NOT NEED IT! It can take sometimes up to 2 years to rebuild all of the healthy Flora that was in your gut because you took the Antibiotic, which means you are susceptible for up to 2 years of possibly lethal infections.

Some of this information is directly from major Studies and research of the CDC in the U.S. who is trying to get Doctors to stop over prescribing Antibiotics, which can prevent more people world wide from being able be be cured, because the infection then becomes more resistant to all treatments because of the abuse of over-prescribing antibiotics. The CDC has been telling Doctors to stop prescribing Antibiotics for simple infections, because of the damage it causes by creating super bugs, which then can cause extremely deadly resistant bacteria to the first version of the antibiotic. So now the first version of antibiotic no longer works. This is a ridiculous never ending parade of gene manipulation, which should not be happening, but it is. Here is a site that is a 3 part article, just click on the 1,2,3 page, to go to each page or download the Full PDF from the button on the site. Read it for yourself. It also includes UTI infections which don’t need antibiotics, yet as they tried to do to my family members, AND THEY KNOW IT, BUT THEY GIVE IT TO PATIENTS ANYWAY, KNOWING IT WILL EVENTUALLY LEAD THE PATIENT BACK FOR MORE TREATMENT OF EVEN MORE LETHAL INFECTIONS! Here is the link; read for yourself:

Link here to know more:

But where the Medical establishment fails, here is were MMS wins again. It does not matter to MMS, any and all bad bacteria, normal or super viruses whether they have mutated, can not exist in an oxygen-rich body, period. So when MMS causes the PH Balance to increase in all of the body’s water, it then has 0.95 volt oxygen molecules and chlorine molecule in mass circulating in the body from taking MMS doses. MMS cause the white T-cell in your immune system to seek out and destroy all lower voltage cells that are invading the body and destroy those cells. None have ever built up a resistance to MMS for over 100 years. All the Reports I referenced and provided links already state that, clearly. Why? Chemistry. Low-volt cells, which are in all bad bacteria, pathogens, viruses or parasites, die, when a higher voltage fighter crosses its path. The higher oxygen content in the body kills anything that is not beneficial to your body. So there should be no more playing God with mutated Genes. The body will naturally heal itself of any foreign intruder, so long as you beef up your Oxygen level in the water supply of your body and give it plenty of low voltage oxygen molecules to use to kill anything bad. It’s that simple.

Mr. President, in regard to this amazing solution, because of how many ways it is used all over the world, for purifying water supplies in reservoirs, dams, ponds, water sanitizing systems, water waste systems, tablets for portable water, shocking pools, cleaning hospitals, dental offices, 24 hour mouthwashes, dipping (submerging the meats) or spraying on meats (Approved by the EPA, I included the report on this), you should be able to get a massive stock of it from everywhere. You should be able to get the supplies for Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid or Hydrochloric Acid. When you activate MMS with Hydrochloric Acid 4% Activator Solution, it tastes a little better than Citric Acid does, and you have Hydrochloric Acid naturally in your stomach, which is how you digest foods, which sometimes is easier for people to take, if they are sensitive, but it will work either way. We have been using the Citric Acid Activator solution; and it has been fine for us, as they say, “to each his own”. But Citric Acid is a powder, Hydrochloric Acid is a liquid, so which may be better for mass distribution would have to be considered. I have filled 8 sets of 2 oz Bottles from a 16 ounce Amber Bottle. Each 2 oz dropper bottle will last almost 4 months and cost around $20. These 8 Sets of Bottles can service eight People with MMS and its Activator, 4 months worth in each Bottle, if they take 1 dose per day; so for 8 sets of 2 oz Bottles the cost is 6 cents per dose. But, if you buy the supplies in large quantities, you can get the price down to around 1 cent per dose or literally as low as 0.10 cent per dose or even less. Do you see how incredibly cheap it would be to produce it and get it into the supply chain, and it would literally heal anyone with Covid or any other virus or infection they were being effected with along with it. It provides a full body healing not just for Covid. Just a simple PH Balance Test Strip with Urine, and you will know how to properly take MMS.

I know how much you want to kill the Covid virus every where. Well, you can kill the Covid everywhere and never have to worry about any outbreak ever again. This is a very simple summary of a much more extensive distribution plan, but here is what can be done: All Restaurants, Stores, Drug Stores, Business establishments with a waiting room or waiting area could have MMS dose tables, just like Free Flu Shots; and, instead, everyone can be provided free MMS Purified Water, every where. It is simply Activated Mineral in Purified Water with 4 once bottles. There could be a 4 ounce bottle, with a special cap, which would mix MMS in the cap; and, with a second twist, it drops into the 4 ounces of water. That would be an awesome solution, completely portable and easy to distribute with sealed protection from breakage, so people know that the bottle has not been tampered with. It is not a Drug, it is a simple activated and purified water; so everyone can provide it free in their establishments, everywhere in this nation. It would promote amazing health Nationwide. It would cause mass restoral of health and well being everywhere in this nation, the dependency on Drugs would drop up to 90%. Health problems would become a thing of the past.

And yes…..there is only two groups of people which would need special consideration is Pregnant Woman or those in the middle of trying to get pregnant or people with suppressed immune systems because they have transplants. Every single product on the planet warns Pregnant woman or women trying to get pregnant, that it could harm the baby or the fetus, there is a reason for this. Remember the Woman’s Immune system actually weakens itself purposefully to have the baby, otherwise the baby would be considered a foreign intruder and the immune system would then attack it. So a very restrictive solution would have to be developed in regard to MMS, just for the pregnant woman or for those wanting to get pregnant, so the amount would only slightly boost the immune system enough to get rid of the issue, but not enough to increase the Immune system to the point that it considers the Baby a foreign Intruder. I did this, when the mother of my children was pregnant, knowing how potent MMS was, I simply did it another way, by giving her 8 ounces of Pressed juices every 2 hours, and the Flu symptoms she had was gone within 24 hours. She was not sick a single day in all 9 months, because I gave her Pressed Juices every 4 hours 4 times a day as part of her nutrition intake, and also did it for 1 year after during the breast feeding to give the best to the baby. But if she showed any symptoms of catching anything, which she had symptoms of the flu only one time during being pregnant, I sped up the pressed juices to every 2 hours, until she told me it was over, which was the next day. And by the way, MMS will not hurt the baby during breast feeding, the increase in the immune system and the oxygen level in the blood will simply translate to more antibodies and more healthy milk being delivered to the baby during breast feeding. This is from my own experience.

Now for those who have purposeful suppressed immune systems, they are the only category or group of people which would need very careful consideration. The reason they suppress their immune systems is to make it so the body does not reject the organ that was transplanted in. But, no tests have been done to find out if increasing the oxygen level in the body would not help in the body accepting the organ better or faster. Since there has been no tests on this so far, the knowledge from the community who have been using MMS on over 20 Million people world wide would need to be sough how many were helped which may have had these conditions. If there is evidence it works well in that group, then the use can be adjusted based on the years of actual testimonial evidence which can help with those particular groups being able to use MMS. If there is no use experience with on purpose suppressed Immune system group, then either proper tests need to be done before ever allowing or publishing it is okay for them, or they must continue being handled by the drug side of treatments.

Here is the sad side of the organ transplant group. The reason they have had replacement organs, is because the previous organ failed because of damage caused mainly by DRUGS! Eventually the organs can no longer function anymore because of the damage caused every time you use drugs of any kind. But, if the person before any surgery takes place, uses MMS to restore the organ back to normal function, then no transplant would ever need to happen, and the person will not have to be thrown into being dependent on drugs his whole life because of it. Sad thing, the drug company creates the transplant dependent person, and then has to provide a life time of drugs to keep the same person they hurt alive. But here is an example of a person who was given the MMS before being forced into a transplant: The Testimony from the Video Testimonies, was of a man who was told both his Kidneys had hardened, they told him he would have to take Steroids and massive amounts of drugs to keep him alive until a donor could be found, but it may only keep him alive for a couple of weeks, he contacted a friend who knew someone from the Church Organization who had access to MMS, and they brought over a supply, he took the MMS, and all of his organs were fully restored, and not only restored, he said he had been suffering for 20 years, could never walk up or down the mountain without pain, now that he uses MMS completely, and was fully restored, he now runs up and down the mountain, with no more pain. Again, Mr. President, I can give amazing testimonies over and over again.

Mr. President, you have seen free flu shots being given everywhere, which actually are more deadly than doses of MMS could ever be, as I have already shown based on the “Death by Medicine” report. So, as we do with swimming pools all over the world, which many times are meticulously purified and kept clean with the pool version of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid, you would be promoting everyone to do the same with their 60% Body of water, which we all have! But by doing it to our internal water, it will heal just about anything else bad going on in the body, because your 60% water is surrounding all other tissues and organs in your body, so all get the same benefit from the effect of purifying the water in our bodies and keeping it that way.

Remember, Millions have been using MMS for almost 24 years, and we are all still here, using it today, we are the proof, we simply discovered its amazing benefits before anyone else did. The man who discovered its use, found a way to share this information and does it in a way in which people can learn the proper ways to use it, without getting shut down by the powerful elite, who don’t want anyone to be able to heal themselves. He should be given the Highest Medal of Honor the United States has to offer, because this will save Millions if not Billions of Lives for the rest of our existence. And all he does world wide is help people and live a very simple life.

Now let’s give a few examples of how it is used, along with comments from videos trying to discredit MMS. One example, to start: Do you know what is so stupid about all of the Fake Media’s efforts to say that MMS is a Bleach? As I have already shown, Salt is 60.1% Chlorine, which is more than the amount of Activated MMS, and which is why if you take a half cup of Salt with water you can kill yourself very easily. Are they saying that Salt is like Bleach? No, let’s only say it to a person who was healed herself by taking MMS! As earlier mentioned, one Reporter from ABC 7 News said to a person who went to Doctors for Hives. It is a horrible burning disease which can create welts over all your body. They prescribe Drugs and Steroids to try and reduce it, and it does not really get rid of it, and the Drugs and Steroids themselves have horrible side effects. Nor does it permanently cure it, so the person suffering finally finds MMS, she takes it for days, and finds after 7 days of taking MMS, she no longer has to take the Drugs or Steroids anymore, so her being dumbfounded that it could work so fast, continued to take it, and the Hive condition which she suffered for 8 months, because she kept taking MMS for however long it took to get rid of it, the Hives are now gone, cured and the Hives never came back. Even 4 years later she was Hive free, and yet the reporter tells Her, “But it is used as an industrial Bleach, and people are taking it into their bodies?”

Lindsey Wagner, who we all know as the “Bionic Woman”, was interviewed by Channel 7 News, and the Reporter would not listen to her and tried still to smear MMS. Being totally cured now of Hives because of MMS, she told the Reporter, that she dropped a bottle of Vodka on a vinyl floor of her Mothers house and it caused a TAN Stain on the Brown floor. She then told the Reporter, I think people take worse things in their body, so what the reporter said was ridiculous, and she said that to him, the Reporter did not seem to understand that; but good for Lindsey in standing up to the biased Reporter and making him eat his words. If MMS was a Bleach, Lindsey Wagner would not have taken it to cure herself. This is what people go through all of the time, because we use MMS, which heals us of just about anything that ails us. But the Media, which lies, does not research before they misrepresent the story, which can be explained, for the most part, in that the Media company is owned by people who have heavy investments in the Drug Companies all over the World. And because of risking their investment, they will do anything to destroy any news of the amazing healing properties of MMS, because, if everyone knew that you could heal yourself of just about anything which effects the 60% body of water which is in everyone, the Drug companies could well be put out of business except for the very rare ones which actually made natural real drugs, which actually heal yet not hurt the human body in any way. If everyone had access to MMS and the knowledge of what it can do, all companies would no longer be able to peddle any harmful drugs for ever more, knowing anyone can get the raw materials for MMS themselves and make it themselves and heal themselves.

Here is how we use it every day, in our family, all this without any Drugs, or Antibiotics, or Doctor or Dentist. Any child dose would always be half that of adults.

Now one very important fact of why I felt it was so important to send this letter to you! My oldest daughter worked at an expensive store where wealthy people patronize, a manager there got sick. From what my daughter said, Chinese customers may have had it, because many were in contact a lot with the manager of sales there. And they would always buy expensive items there. My daughter then got sick from her. One of the symptoms of Covid-19 is that you loose the sense of smell completely for days. It was a respiratory type of infection, flu symptoms. She then gave it to my second oldest daughter. Then it spread to my younger children and then to the mother of my children back in December of 2019, which proves China knew this back then and did not say anything about it. But no problem, I gave all of my children MMS and the mother of my children and they all immediately recovered between 1 to 3 days. Anyone who did not take MMS took 2 to 3 weeks to get over it. It even tried to mess with me, but because I was on MMS at that time, Covid could not take hold and my body killed it quickly on contact. My Dad and the friend who always visits, who take MMS every day consistently, did not get sick at all, 59 years old and 91 years old, Covid could not touch them, with everyone around them having it. So taking it every day, worked really well and it could not effect them. It always works, so we completely went though this, back in December of 2019, now you know why we have no fear of Covid-19 whatsoever or any other virus. Now for some more examples:

For a Fever, Sore Throat, Cold, Flu and Covid, we take a 6-Drop Activated Dose with 4 ounces of Purified water and then take a 3-Drop Dose with 4 ounces of purified water every 2 hours until it is gone. Usually within 6 to 48 hours it has already subsided, but we continue for 2 more days after that, just to make sure every little bit of the Virus or Bacteria. is destroyed. If the infected are young children, then the first dose is 3 Drops Activate MMS in 4 ounces of purified water, and the 1 Drop of Activate MMS every 2 hours until it is gone, which again should be within 6 to 24 hours (kids heal faster), and then do it 2 more days to make sure it stays gone.

For an Ear Infections, like the ones where you feel like your head is going to explode: Make 1 6-Drop Dose and take it, another 6-Drop Dose and add 6 drops of DMSO (another mineral which allows for 10 times better penetration into tissues, enamel and bone) Brush your teeth with it, then soak your mouth for 5 minutes with it, then take an ear dropper and fill it and put it in the ear with the bad side facing up. Keep the MMS in the bad ear, for 2 minutes, then drain. Continue taking internally 2-Drop Doses every 2 hours, until the Infection goes away. Within 1.5 days it will be gone. Repeat the oral Dose 2 more times over 1.5 days, brush with it, soak the mouth with it, and in ear. Keep doing it, taking it internally 2 or more days after, just to make sure it stays gone. The reason you do so much around the head, the mouth, the teeth and the ear, is because you are surrounding the infection internally, in your teeth, in your mouth and in your ear, attacking the infection from all directions, around the ear that you are treating. It makes sure there is no bacteria anywhere contributing to the problem, and you are killing all around the ear just in case. It is your head remember, you don’t want infections sitting there for very long. So doing multi-directional attacks against the Infection with MMS everywhere makes it die even faster. But understand, after doing the initial treatments, most of the pain and discomfort reduces dramatically after, and within the first day the pain starts going away. Anything your treating with MMS you get rid of the pain so much faster and so much more permanently then any drug.

For Eye Infections, the ones where the Doctor tells you, you must use Antibiotic Cream to cure Pink Eye, I just make a 4-Drop Dose, mix 4 ounces of John Ellis water or 9.5 PH water, fill up a glass dropper-bottle with a glass eye dropper, and put 2 drops in the eye, wait for 30 seconds, put another 2 drops in the eye, wait another 30 seconds, and put 2 drops in the eye, and your done. You will feel a slight sting, for a fraction of a second, but then, it feels so good after, and all of the itchy feelings go away, and discomfort also goes away, quickly. If it is a minor infection, it will be gone in 1 to 2 hours. If it is a more serious infection, you repeat every 4 hours, until it is gone. The most it took was 1 day, to get over them. I had 6 children who swam in a pool and the pool man messed up and did not treat the pool correctly. They all got eye infections, so I made a batch and used it to cure all of them of the infection. By the next day they all had white clear eyes again; it was gone.

For Abscessed Teeth or Gum Infections, Make 1 6-Drop Dose and take it, another 6-Drop Dose and add 6 drops of DMSO. (another mineral which allows for 10 times better penetration into tissues, enamel and bone) Brush your teeth with it; then soak your mouth for 5 minutes with it. Do that 3 times a day, until the tooth is strong again. Keep taking internally 2-Drop doses every 2 hours for 2 or more days, until it is gone or until you feel the Tooth is solid again, then continue for at least one more day, as they say, “seal the deal”, knowing your tooth is better off with the high PH Balance, which will make sure any infection under the tooth is completely destroyed and gone, and so the Bone can grow back underneath the tooth, strong again.

This works every time. The Abscessed Tooth is the kind where the Doctor will tell you he has to remove the tooth, you then tell him, no thank you, I will take care of it myself, at which time of course the Dentist’s says, “What, you can’t fix this”, and I would say, yes I will, and I thank him for the exam, but I will take it from here, and I go home, and I heal it naturally, and it works without any issues, all pain gone within a day, 2 days later the tooth feels strong again, when originally it was really feeling loose but now completely restored with MMS and DMSO.

For Bladder issues, even with severe pain, Make 1 6-Drop Dose and take it 3 times a Day until the pain is gone. It has worked amazingly well. Some people have bladder problems, unary tract infections, a horrible reaction to Champagne, from which they will wake up in the middle of the night feeling like they are going to die the pain is so bad. I immediately give them the MMS, within hours the pain is going away; or, if I give them 2 doses before they go to sleep, by morning it is completely gone. It works every time, no drugs, no pain killers. Understand pain killers destroy and damage the Liver always, not sometimes, always! The Liver is the most important organ in your body, it cleans your blood. You never want to take anything that will damage or hurt your Liver. Read the side effects of pain killers and research the subject. They have always hurt the Liver, any time you take them. There is a better way, a way that does not hurt your body, yet completely heals everything wrong at the same time.

Mr. President, I could literally write a book on all of the wonderful benefits we have been given since we discovered MMS, yet there are already books, web sites on MMS already, but I will bring this letter to a close for now. The Main point is, MMS works, it works…IT WORKS! Every time!

At the end of this letter I have a large number of comments I pulled from just one smear job by ABC News! You will be able to see that people are not buying it. There are people all over the world using MMS; and they are commenting on just how well it has been working for them. Just like you Mr. President the people don’t believe the Media any more, because they lack integrity. They no longer give unbiased reports. They don’t really investigate, as they should, before opening their mouths and destroying innocent people, like they have been doing with you, since before you became President. I have also many other Articles, and links as well with all of the evidence showing MMS works and it is real, and they are also at the end of this letter.

I have watched every rally, every interview, every broadcast on you and your family. You have raised the most amazing children I have ever seen. Your children Love this country as much as you do, and it shows every time, all of the time. Your Daughters are the most patient and kind persons I have ever seen, and yet fight for truth, especially Ivanka, she comes across with the highest honor and integrity and optimism with Grace every time I see her speak, not to say the others don’t do it as well, but you know exactly what I mean, your daughter may not be a princess, but she speaks like one, your sons have the Spirit of 1776 written all over them, the same courage as you have shown all of these years, they are fighting by your side, with the same honor and integrity as you have shown, they have such respect for you and show the highest amount of respect for We the People and this country in every word they utter, and all of them work so hard for you, We the People and this country, in defending the principles that make this country great.

There are no words that can fully describe how awesome you, your wife and your children are. You must be the proudest father ever. Your Wife, Malania, is also amazing, in every way, God mightily Blessed you with her. Her heart truly is of kindness, honor and integrity, and there is no one better by your side. I have watched as the Media has tried to trip her up, and she has so much integrity they can’t help but see her for the honorable person she is. She fights for those who have no voice and have been ignored as you have, and for those who world wide are bullied and she does not accept anyone who would do that to others in anyway. She is amazing, and deserves to be held in the highest honor, for the position she holds by your side as First Lady.

Then you, Mr. President, I have admired you from afar, because I am a very private person, just humbly working around the clock for my family, to take care of them and love them. I try never to fail them, as most fathers and husbands do. I earned my way the hard way, by earning honestly and with hard work, trying to be a man of integrity, honorable in the eyes of my family, friends and those I serve in the work I do. I treat those I serve with the same respect and honor I do my family, knowing God keeps the books, and I don’t want to offend God in any way, especially to a neighbor.

I have watched you very carefully Mr. President. I have listened to every word you have ever said. I know your heart is in the right place in regard to our country, the Constitution, honoring Justice and equality and wanting prosperity for everyone in America, especially for the Freedoms that many have died for throughout history. I know you know exactly what is going on. Yes, you have been attacked, since Day One of walking down the escalator to run for President. I watched you going from the most popular person every-where, to the most despised person, in the eyes of the Liberal Left, faster than anything I have ever seen in the history of this country. I have never seen it before you ran for President. This was a sign from God, you were going to finally undo all of the damage the Democrat’s have been doing for over 200 hundred years, including Republicans who acted like Democrats.

True Republicans, never owned slaves but freed them, made sure Civil Rights was passed into law for them, and you have brought back the true Republican principle of Freedom, less government, rule of law, and brought power back to We the People where it belongs. A very tall order, but Mr. President, you have been doing it and never stop. I am a pretty tough individual, a leader in my own way, yet when you won, I sat quietly in tears, thanking God, knowing Freedom is not dead, and at that moment I knew God was going to deliver this nation back to the People.

Mr. President, I have never witnessed a President ever do all that you have done, you have been attacked non-stop, all day, every day, from every direction, from the Liberal Left, the Liberal Colleges and Universities, the Liberal Media, the Democrat’s. I have never seen them this frenzied ever in history. And yet you kept getting all that was promised done. You truly did and are doing the right thing, because God knows the prophet is not popular nor liked in his own country, but regardless, God’s Will be done. And you’re doing it, you’re bringing back honor to America, you’re bringing respect back to America, you’re bringing back common sense in Government, integrity back in the Laws, bringing back Conservative Values which are the Core of these United States of America, removing the swamp the best you can with the tools you have, and you fight and fight for We the People. I see you every day doing this, and I could not be more proud that you are the one God picked and won against all odds! Please never stop. This country needs you now more than ever, especially during this unnecessary pandemic, which I believe this Letter has addressed, giving you what you need to stop it for good. And you will get 4 more years, no doubt whatsoever!

This is why I am putting my trust only in you and your family, whom I know truly Love this country and want to do what is right for it.

Please, Mr. President. Please review this information with the most open mind you can give and the most serious consideration it requires. Please share this information with those you believe you can trust with your life, because it goes against the very fabric of greed, power, tyranny and corruption that exists every where in business and in every Government in the world. This information could save Millions of Lives, if not Billions for the rest of our existence. And to put it as amazingly you do: Lets Make America Healthy Again! And then: Lets Keep America Healthy! So we never go through anything like this again.

Lord Bless you Mr. President. We will always be praying for you and your wife and your entire family and your entire Administration.

Thank you for your time and patience with this Letter and how long it is, but this is no small subject. I hope it will bring forth good fruit, and be a blessing for the American People, for you are the only hope to protect We the People. There is no one else whom we trust who will other than you and your amazing family!

With humility,

America We Serve

PS. Mr. President or any one of your Amazing Children and their husbands or wives, whom we hold as people of high Integrity and honor for their wonderful hard work for this country, any progress you gain in this matter we will know is related to this Letter:

Because it is so important that if you have any questions to which I can give immediate answers, I want to be available for those questions 24 hours 7 days a week, as I do in my work, Please send any questions to me at email to: If you want me to call you, with a time and date, it will be an honor to talk to you or any one of the members of your wonderful family and show you and them the respect and dignity you all deserve from someone who truly has pure love for this country, and how much this will change America forever and the possibility to eliminate all disease you can think of in the world.

CC: Attached Comments, and Links to other materials are below. Please don’t forget the final message I have for you Mr. President at the end of the Comments/Articles/Links Section.

Attachments Section: Comments/Articles/Links

First an introduction from the man who discovered MMS 24 years ago and the amazing uses which have already been done with it and the results he has seen over 24 years and continuing to this day:

A word from Jim Humble
I want to tell you about a breakthrough that can save your life, or the life of a loved one. In 1996, while on a gold mining expedition in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide quickly eradicates malaria. Since that time, it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme disease, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with prostate (high PSA), erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 20 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS has the potential to overcome most diseases known to mankind.

It is important to note that MMS does not cure disease. MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.

I have done many things in my lifetime—gone from a backwoods boy in Alabama, to the Marines, to a nutritional and alternative health enthusiast, to Aerospace, to electronics researcher, to inventor (of many things), to gold mining. Realizing I found “real gold” when I discovered MMS, from that point on I’ve dedicated all my time and effort to helping others recover their health and to bringing this technology to the world. It is my mission to bring this knowledge of health recovery to mankind. All profits from the sales of my books go towards this mission.”

And Mr. President that is truly all he has been doing, and no matter what anyone says he will not stop helping people all over the world. And he is one of the most humble people I have ever seen. And He provided an updated post on the Testimonial site recently which simply confirmed what I already knew about Covid-19, because I had cured it as well just as fast within 1 to 3 days every time for any member of my family which got it back in December 2019:

“Name: Jim Humble
Hello, I first discovered that MMS (chlorine dioxide) can help people recover their health, 24 years ago. Since that time more than 2 million people have recovered their health from just about all known diseases, in a total of about 175 different countries. Many people are now using it around the world for a wide range of ailments/disease in a variety of ways. And now for some good news—two days ago we received word that 14 people who were confirmed cases of COVID-19 (in Europe), took MMS and have recovered their health. All of these tested positive and when re-tested after taking MMS, they came out negative for COVID-19. In addition, we have other testimonies coming in now from various parts of the world, of people with coronavirus who have taken MMS and have recovered. Apart from what has come indirectly to me, we have seen other testimonials on web boards and in comment boxes on the internet of people who took MMS and recovered from the virus. Those of us who have used chlorine dioxide (MMS) over the years certainly expected it to also work with this virus, but we wanted to be sure and now, with this data, we are confident that the proper mixture of chlorine dioxide (MMS) has every hope of eradicating COVID-19.”

One Article has amazing stuff on Blood Clots, which relatives have gone through, which I also helped with MMS. It is better than horrible blood thinner drugs:

About Disease Prevention
Information has already been presented explaining that MMS improves the immune system. The fact is that MMS is a super preventative of almost every disease known, because improving the immune system will always improve your resistance to diseases. After observing thousands of people who have taken MMS, and talking to people who have been taking it for different lengths of time up to 10 years, it is my opinion that the longer one has been taking MMS the fewer health problems he has and the healthier he appears to be. ♦ MMS will prevent any disease the immune system can attack. Obviously, if MMS can destroy a cancer of most any size, it will also prevent a cancer from starting. In our research with a dark field microscope, we observed that white blood cells became much more active about two hours after a dose of MMS was taken. They moved through the blood much faster towards poisonous blood clots. We checked this many times. Certain white blood cells become much more active after one takes a dose of MMS. I don’t know, nor have I ever read, about the fact that white blood cells can accelerate their movement, but after a dose of MMS they in fact moved faster. They move by elongating themselves and then drawing their body in the direction of the elongation much the way earthworms move. We videoed it at the time, which was in 2006. They were able to determine the direction of clots in the blood and move towards them at more than double the normal rate. Note: If you cannot afford health insurance, you should definitely be taking MMS every day. In fact it is better than health insurance. If I were to buy health insurance it would only be accident health insurance against broken arms and that sort of thing.

Here is a massive number of Video Testimonials of how MMS has worked for people all over the world, and this is just one of many sites on MMS:

(If YouTube has violated the law and censored a Testimony Video, there is a Download Video button just below the Embedded Video which will give you access to their backup copy of the Video, which they were forced to have to do, because of YouTube unlawful actions shutting down Free speech! Remember these are People who have healed themselves using MMS, and they are simply speaking about how they used it to heal themselves, and that is in Violation of a YouTube Rule? Mr. President, this has to stop. YouTube is discriminating and silencing Truth, Justice and the American Way of Life and it needs to stop.)

Another place to see MMS Testimonial Videos is on BitChute which is not discriminating against Free Speech, and because of YouTube violating and discriminating against them and all the people who have been cured with MMS, they are copying videos over to this new location as another backup:

Here is a massive number of Written Testimonials of how it has worked for people all over the world, and this is just one of many sites on MMS, and, as soon as they find it, people have been posting their testimonies on it, of how MMS cured them of just about anything that has hit them:

Here is the evidence of the Massive Test Trial of MMS to heal Malaria: There are 2 Videos that fully document the entire event, and even though MMS was proven to heal everyone treated 100%, Red Cross dumped them on the floor, and those hospitals never got the MMS supplies that should have been distributed in mass in all of the provinces in that country. The next video is of Jim Humble Responding to the FDA back in 2010, when after getting 7 complaints of stomach aches after 3.5 years and in those same 3.5 years Millions had been using MMS, Jim Humble just had to respond, because what FDA wrote about MMS was so ridiculous, so that video is on the same page:

Transcribed Information and Text of what is in one of the MMS Test Trial video:

This video finally proves that the Red Cross did a field test showing malaria was cured using MMS (sodium chlorite+activating acid producing chlorine dioxide) with a 100% success rate in 154 cases within 24-48 hours. This formerly hidden video was kept from the public for over 5 months, until it was recently discovered.


The Red Cross staff administering the malaria treatment was thrilled by the success of the test. However, the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC – the parent organization) was not thrilled at all. When Leo Koehof released his version of a video documenting the same field test, the IFRC came out with a statement saying, “IFRC strongly dissociates from the claim of a ‘miracle’ solution to defeat malaria” ( In addition, weeks and months after the completion of the test, Klaas Proesmans, the narrator of the video, did everything he could to keep the results secret. Note: Proesmans is the Founder and CEO of the “Water Reference Center” which is affiliated with the Red Cross.

Since the late 90s, Jim Humble has been telling the world that MMS safely cures malaria in his books, websites, videos, etc. Many doctors have acknowledged the truth of this claim, but few are willing to say so publically for fear of losing their medical licenses. Since Humble started proclaiming his malaria cure, there has been an active mis-information campaign running to destroy his reputation and claims.

There are officially accepted treatments for malaria on the market. However, they are costly, long winded and have side effects.

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Those who support the Red Cross with their hard earned dollars might want to consider contacting the organization and challenging them over this whole situation.

It should be noted that the retail cost of treating one malaria case with MMS is approximately $0.15, not including the cost of a plastic cup, ½ a glass of water, the staff and the initial malaria test.


Note: Times are relevant to the annotated video version: (now terminated by YouTube.) Censorship by YouTube should be Illegal.

This version of the video includes an introduction by Jim Humble, and followed with comments by Leo Koehof, the person who trained the Red Cross staff on the proper treatment protocol and is seen numerous times in the video. Koehof also produced his own video that he released before this one came to light ( (Now terminated by YouTube)

5:25 – Klaas Proesmans talks about how he came across several interesting technologies in the field of water, health and energy, including sodium Chlorite.

6:07 – Klaas Proesmans: “It has been said and written that the use of sodium Chlorite cleans the body within one hour to four hours of the malaria parasite. That was too good to be true not to go further and do an investigation…”

7:19 – The waving flag of the “Uganda Red Cross Society” clearly shown at the field test site.

9:55 – Leo Koehof speaking at the clinic to Proesmans and staff that he just received test results back from the local jail where prisoners were treated for malaria and cured within 24 hours.

10:43 – Klaas Proesmans: “In total we identified 154 malaria positive patients, together with the local health {authorities} or the doctors. All of them were treated. All of them were, between 24 hours and 48 hours, malaria negative… without any side effects!”

Note: One of the excuses Proesmans gave to Jim Humble as to the reason for not releasing test results was his concern over side effects, even though he states clearly in the video that the use of sodium Chlorite was “without any side effects.” It should be noted that the World Health Organization estimates that 1.2 million people die each year of malaria. It would seem that the side effect of death from malaria is worse than any side effect MMS could produce.

11:07 – Hannington Segirinya, Former Uganda Red Cross Youth Council President: “I’m so much impressed by this water. It’s so unbelievable. From, a layman’s view, you may think it’s impossible. But, I… It’s very possible. I’ve seen people healed. Looks like there are results from yesterday and seeing the results of today after taking the water. It’s super impressive.”

12:28 – Red Cross worker clearly showing the activated MMS (sodium Chlorite + citric acid combination) at the bottom of the plastic cup before adding water.**

NoteKlaas Proesmans mentions SODIUM Chlorite several times as the substance being used to treat malaria. This is true, but only part of the story. When SODIUM Chlorite is mixed with an ACID activator (such as lemon juice, citric acid, hydrochloric acid (same acid the body produced in the stomach), etc.) the resulting chemical reaction produces CHLORINE DIOXIDE, which is the chemical that actually kills the malaria parasite. MMS is the “street name” for this process. The video neglects to actually show the mixing, or that there are two bottles being used. However, there is clear evidence that this was actually done. Both liquid sodium Chlorite and any usable liquid acid is clear. However, when these two chemicals come together, the resulting mixture turns an amber color as chlorine dioxide is produced, which can be seen in the video (12:28). According to Leo Koehof, the protocol he taught the staff to use (for an adult) was to put 18 drops of sodium Chlorite in a dry cup; add 18 drops of citric acid (35% in water); wait 30 second for the chemical reaction to complete/stabilize (turn yellowish brown/amber); add water until the cup is ½ full; and then have the malaria patient drink the water solution immediately. Even if a person only consumed sodium Chlorite plus water without adding any activating acid, the natural hydrochloric acid in the stomach would produce the chemical reaction that generates chlorine dioxide.

12:35 – Vincent Okonera, URCS (Uganda Red Cross) Senior Branch Manager, Iganga: “I’m excited because of the instant results that are happening among all the people that we have so far tested. It is incredible… unbelievable to see that some were tested of malaria positive yesterday… turns up to be negative today, and feels quite extremely better and more happier and healthier. So, to me this is a very good partnership… and I feel that… if there is opportunity to increase this to these communities, it will be so much of great impact and beneficial to us… to the health of these good people. ”

13:23 – Klaas Proesman’s closing statement: “We closed the operation… well enough… we will go back in January, because we need to secure contingency… We closed the operation to report back to the Secretary General here in Uganda Red Cross Society. And, to report back to the Water Resource Center about the results of this field test. Now, all in all… a 100% cured people… less than 5 days… all within 24 hours to 48 hours! That asks for further investigation.”


We need you to help spread the word. Please post the link to this article on your facebook or other favorite social networking platform.

Here is the Video also of ABC News interviewing Lindsey Wagner who we all know as “Bionic Women” from the TV series:

Here is just several of the hundreds of comments from a YouTube video from a News Broadcast where the Channel 7 ABC News tried to smear the Church Organization and Founders and the man who discovered MMS 24 years ago. The Founders of the Church and the man who discovered MMS believe religiously, everyone has the Godly right to control their own health, they minister and teach water sacraments (How to use MMS) and all the ways to purify water and use the purified water in their daily lives. It was the only way to protect the people, and give them a way to get the information to either heal themselves or find someone who makes it and provide it for them so they can heal themselves, so the Church was established to secure everyone’s right from God to manage their own health, and use the amazing water in their lives. The News Channel, tried to accuse them of being a cult, of being a scam, of peddling Bleach….remember above….Salt is 60.1% Chlorine, MMS has 1 Chlorine molecule, and 2 molecules are Oxygen molecules, which actually is a benefit, because it helps by bonding with the oxygen molecules to yank and break the shell of weak disease cells and destroy them. So this is a benefit…it has no relation to Bleach or the actual Chemical 3 molecule Chlorine which is actually a carcinogen and will hurt you and your body if you actually ever really took Bleach, which is not MMS. MMS is an Oxidizer and has nothing to do with Bleach, as I have already well shown in my letter. Here are a lot of Comments left by people from the Video: (Please excuse some of their language, people don’t like to be lied too by the Media!)

Jenny Jung 6 days ago @News Truth Channel I was the member of the very first seminar created by Jim Humble😁 I spent time with Jim Humble for two weeks. There were many people from all over the world. I have been using mms for 8 years. I can make it as well. I am glad you and your family are helped by mms. I’ve seen so many miracles. Most recently, there was a guy with 4th stage colon cancer. With only mms, the cancer was gone; and he is now helping spread mms. A few years ago, 4th stage lung cancer was gone with mms. He was told by his doctor he had no chance to survive but he became healthy again with mms. These kind of stories are pretty common with mms. In the first seminar, there was a guy from Norway. While he did some volunteering in red cross in Africa, he got malaria. He got cured with mms and his friend had a lung cancer, had a surgery but it spread to other organs. He introduced mms to his friend and his friend’s cancer was all gone. There were so many other stories with all kinds of health problems. It saved my father’s life as well. I really hope Donald Trump will research and use mms to fight the corona virus.

Jenny Jung 6 days ago @News Truth Channel How can I find you there? I am planning to send mms information to Donald Trump and Mike Pence. What do you think?

Jenny Jung 1 week ago

I am impressed that Donald Trump passed and signed into Law the Right to Try. I hope he got informed about MMS. Then he will save so many people.

Bella Luxx 5 months ago (edited)

MMS WORKS! I suffered from severe autoimmune and let me just say- not anymore. Brain fog is GONE! MMS is a salt! Basic chemistry 101 will tell you that! Big P don’t want u to know this stuff. Further, the crap that has come out of my son on the spectrum(he meant in the stool from the rectum) was appalling! IT WORKS! Don’t believe the lies on ABC etc

Guy Joseph 2 months ago (edited)

I am a witness to this product! The MMS works. I have High Blood Pressure. I used to have chest tightening. When I take MMS it relieves the chest pain. It works better than any Pharmaceutical medication that I’ve previously tried!!! ——-One day the people of planet earth will wake up and rise against the oppressors, the true enemies!!!

Coach Steve 4 u 3 years ago

It worked for me and for my son to get over skin cancer. I’ve been drinking it for about 10 years. You have to be smart and know how to take it in order to get it to work. You have to dilute it in water. Just as you can’t take 10 aspirin at once, you can’t drink MMS without diluting it. Look at the great results in Uganda – MMS cured 154 people out of 154 people of malaria. This is one of those products that starts to work right away- so, for example, when you put it NON-DILUTED on atenikeratosis (pre-skin cancer cells) you can feel it kill the cancer cells, but the normal cells are not harmed. I don’t know why people aren’t talking more about how great it works on skin cancer. My son had melanoma and MMS removed it right away. But also, if it is poison, why haven’t I been harmed? I have taken a lot of MMS over the past 10 years… It works. What is really going on here is that our FDA is corrupt – it rakes in billions of dollars from drug companies for testing and approval. And so, guess who funds ABC??? LOL!!! You either watch car company ads, or ads pushing drugs on people. How many drug company commercials do you see running on mainstream media?? The only ones to have been fooled are the American people who believe that drugs are the only solution to their medical problems. Jim Humble is a great man who has been demonized by a corrupt media. He helped me FREE OF CHARGE to help my son get over melanoma. My son was 11 then – he’s 19 now – so that was 8 years ago.

Stelma Designs 1 year ago

Wow, what a load of straight up propaganda to try to keep humanity from healing. Fake news. The problem is, people do not do their own research but allow these idiotic talking heads to tell them what is bad or good like they can’t possibly do their own research. Not one person has died from MMS; Chlorine Dioxide, not bleach at all. Real chlorine is in your water and is more dangerous for the body than this by far. Wake up people and look into this yourself. Big pharma wants to scare you and control you! My dog, cat, chickens and family all use MMS and are healthier for it and our bodies were able to cure all sorts of issues once the pathogens, bacteria and so forth were killed off. My older hens that hadn’t layed eggs in years are now laying. My dog was cured of a persistent rash, regained his hearing and was finally able to move around normally. As for myself, I did a general cleanse/detox with it and used this as a mouth rinse with dmso, to keep from having to use antibiotics, when I had two implants put in. My gawd! People are so brainwashed! It’s pathetic!

flexatarian Life 4 months ago

MMS is effective, hands down. I myself have drunk mms at least 1,OOO times over the course of 6 years. If it was poison, I wouldn’t be typing right now. THIS is how the media protects industries like the pharmacy, by putting bull shit naratives out there. It’s a form of water purifier designed for the human body. Guess what your body is made up of…WATER. It’s basic science, people. Wake the fuck up!

Shell Bell 3 years ago (edited)

Looks like Big Pharma is paying ABC news. Enlightened GP’s are using MMS (the few that aren’t big pharma pimps) and the internet is full of testimonials from individuals who have had miraculous results from taking MMS. I have taken it myself and I have even given it to my cat who was on death’s door – he had labored breathing and the vet told me he would have to be on steroids for the rest of his life. 2 weeks after starting MMS protocol 1000, he is back to his old self. You can keep your nasty-ass steroids. It is easy to dismiss this amazing substance and bury your head in the sand, preferring to back a multi-billion industry that purposely prescribes addictive pain killers and medications which have side effects including death. No one has died from MMS – whereas hundreds of thousands die from pharmaceuticals every year. Wake up and take your health into your own hands, or be another fat drug-ridden diabetic who keeps running back for more prescriptions and has never considered that their diet is at fault. It’s depressing how conditioned and asleep most people are.

skinostra 1 year ago

Hmmm, I wonder if these people that are knocking Chlorine Dioxide as a POISON know that it is currently used in the food processing industry as a preservative in meats, vegetables and fruits? Why don’t these people lobby the government and it’s agencies to stop using it if it is so dangerous. Here is an excerpt “Chlorine dioxide is a promising food preservative as a substitute for chlorine (Cl2) because unlike Cl2, it does not react with organic matters in foods to form harmful organohalogen byproducts [3]. Chlorine dioxide can be used in aqueous and gaseous phases. Studies have demonstrated that both aqueous and gaseous ClO2 are effective sanitizing agents which can inactivate a broad spectrum of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and algae”

SPS 2 years ago (edited)

Water treatment plants in the USA use Chlorine Dioxide to treat their water! It’s a pity that they don’t speak to everyone that’s used MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) at the suggested dosages to cure a variety of ailments. I use it, personally, when I’m sick; and it works!!! I make mine myself and a whole years batch costs less than $15. An employees daughter had been bed ridden for almost 2 months and was, in our opinion, about to die. She could not care for herself. The family had to bath and feed her! Living in Africa, the Doctors could not find a cause for her illness. We told her about MMS, and she decided to try it. 7 days later she was back at work. Do your own research and stop believing everything you hear on the news.

Hpar Hparr 2 years ago

Hah! EXTRA fake news again! Here is what I know about it from experience: I have a close friend who had a life-threatening upper respiratory infection he was suffering from. He went to every doctor he could find, tried every prescription drug, which were expensive and worthless. He even tried natural herbs, which started to help. Then he came across mms. Well? When he got the stuff, he misinterpreted the instructions and mixed fluid ounces instead of drops. He literally gulped down a mouthful of it undiluted which is what they claim is enough to kill you. Within seconds, he said it was as if fire crackers where going off in his chest. The side effect was extreme, which is normal, since it was undiluted and many times the recommended amount. For hours it was serious to the point that he thought he would die, had pain, and a lot of mucus discharge. Then, the reaction tapered off. He fell asleep and did nothing else. He woke feeling much better. After the 3rd day, whatever germ was in his lungs cleared up, after months of suffering with it and almost dying from it. No doctor could help him; no drug could help; the natural herbs he started taking did not have enough time to show a result except initial temporary relief.

I myself have been helped using it correctly. I came down with the worse case of strep I ever had, to where I could not talk or eat. I tried mms and within less than 2 days it cleared up. I have had strep maybe half a dozen times in my life, which normally My body takes 2-3 weeks to resolve. mms cleared it up in less than 2 days. abc and their hit piece regarding mms is a total joke. they are fake news liars in favor of the scam medical mafia. A little known fact for everyone reading this, big pharma is owned by former nazi party members, who really do not care about patient health but rather care about windfall profits upwards of 19,000% on some of these toxic side effect drugs they color like pezz candy. Do your own homework and EDUCATE YOURSELF before you pass judgment on anything. It makes total logical sense: this biological bleach used in moderation can cure just about anything; because it essentially purifies your body for that reason. Another thing, of course, the medical industry is going to discredit it, because it threatens their windfall profits of hundreds of billions every year. To them, “health care” is a business and nothing more. That does not mean there are not good allopathic doctors out there, who do genuinely care for their patients.

Kathleen 2 years ago

OMG I guess I should not be surprised that ABC would put out this garbage. MMS does not bleach the color of anything. Funny how these liars at ABC neglected to inform everyone that the key component in MMS is used legally as a water purifier, which means people ingest it. They didn’t tell you that, though. And along with not telling you that, they also didn’t tell you about the thousands – and I mean thousands – of people over in Africa who have been cured, cured of their malaria with the MMS. There’s proof of this by way of a video or two out on YouTube showing the Red Cross involved in this study, using MMS to cure malaria, but – OOPs – ABC didn’t tell you that either. Maybe they didn’t know about the video, but then again aren’t they the news? Oh that’s what everyone must mean when they call them the fake news! If they’re saying that MMS is so bad, then they must have investigated it enough to have evidence. For instance, where are the people whom it has hurt? Why don’t they have anybody besides Pharma-controlled doctors,(what a joke) saying how bad it is? If they investigated it so well, why have they not come up with all of the malaria cases in Africa that have been cured? Cancers and other things that it has cured? They don’t have one single person that has taken it and said that it hurt them How come they didn’t come up with the fact it is used as a water purifier? How come they don’t have any witnesses attesting to how it’s helped them because there are so many of them around and easy for anyone to find; yet they didn’t . So really how much ever did they put into investigating this? Anyone of you out there without any trouble at all can find every single thing I just said, easily because it’s all out there. The only conclusion is they didn’t come up with it because they’re lying.

Mr. President, Please, lets stop the corruption, and bring Freedom back to We the People, by making MMS a part of our framework in every facet of American life. We can eliminate all disease, once and for all, and never allow it to take or violate our Freedom’s or our Right’s ever again and then make Drug companies accountable for their actions for the attempted genocide of every one of the unknown or known which never needed to die in this country and from every country in this world. Someone needs to account for their actions. Just as certain Nazi German’s did at the Nuremberg Trials, someone must be held accountable. Remember, they were guilty, even when they said “I did what I was ordered to do.” Every human being has a choice of what is considered human Right’s, never violate the human Right’s, which come from God, no matter what anyone ever tells you. Everyone has the right to live. I know, there are certain criminals who are so evil that they don’t deserve to exist in our civil society, and it is understandable when orders are enacted to remove them so that they do not harm any more innocent life. Well, now we need to know who has been just as evil, keeping this truth from all people in order to allow greed to run our nation into the ground, and allow the health of every man woman and child to stay in misery to make a buck from drugs. Please deal with this travesty, Mr. President, let’s Make America Healthy Again, and then Keep America Healthy!

Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid have been used all over the world to purify water supplies every where, and it has been approved by every government in the world. The only difference is in your making it a standard. Now you will have added its use after the small amount of Sodium Chlorite and the Acid Activator is mixed. How fast you can drink the purified water. Instead of waiting for the water to be purified, you’re simply directing that within 30 seconds of activating the mixture, and pouring in the water to be purified, they drink it immediately, instead of waiting for the active properties to dissipate. Remember, it is used all over the world for people to drink water. It is in water supplies, so all you’re doing is adding an additional procedure to allow for the active properties of the purifying water to be drunk; and the same result of drinking purified water is taking place. There should not be any more approvals necessary from anyone. People would still be drinking purified water, just a little quicker after the purification process has been added to the water. Guidelines can be established which show what to do first before taking it, and what # of drops is good for each particular situation. This is a one simple solution which can be adjusted to heal just about anything which goes on in the human body. Lets use it for what its good for…purifying the body, and getting rid of anything which would harm the body.

Don’t let any one in the Government stop you from doing what is right for the people in this country. If they defend their action to delay, they are specifically trying to stop the process of curing every man woman and child in America. I clue you, this is not going to be easy. But Mr. President, you’re not a politician, you are one of We the People. You know business, and one thing for sure: If you cure Millions of People of just about anything that ails them, they will remember who made it possible. Mr. President, you will be the President for another 4 years, and I want every single one of your children, after keeping your wonderful legacy of what you are doing for America going strong for the next 24 years after that if at all possible, by just letting one more of your children keep it going. I am not sure if your children are interested in that, but I believe they have the courage and the stamina to do it, as you do. So lets not take that option off the table; lets be optimistic.

As I said before, a special 4 ounce bottle can be made, with 2 stage cap, one twist to mix the Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid (what is already in the stomach), either 1, 3, or 6 drops dose being mixed from the twist, another twist to Release into the 4 ounce bottle of water and mix; then they break the seal and drink the water. The cap can be transparent, so you can see the MMS turning dark yellow or brown after the first twist is done. Then the next twist would drop it into the bottle. Mr. President, this could save every man woman and child in the world and make America disease free forever.

One thing you will definitely need to do is to eliminate the Rule of the AMA that says if any Doctor recommends any type of alternate natural remedy they can loose their License. It needs to be abolished. Don’t let the issue, of what do we do with all of the hospitals and/or the Doctors no longer having to worry about people being sick or having a disease. Do not let those issues bother you. You can figure that out over time. Don’t let even what to do about insurance companies either, remember now you will be able to make health care extremely affordable, based on only needing accident health insurance coverage only, even pre-existing conditions will no longer be as much of an issue as it was. That will all be sorted out in time. But think of how low the Premiums would be if people only needed accident medical coverage, since everyone would be able to control their own health without any need of drugs except in rare circumstances. Give the knowledge and the supplies to the People, so theycan Heal themselves for the first time in History. I think having a problem finding sick people is a good problem to have! Eventually Doctor’s will be trained to work with MMS. The entire Organization of Jim Humble and every person who has been using it for 24 years, have been trained for years and have been using it for years, so there would be plenty of experienced people available on how to successfully use MMS for every kind of ailment out there and could be used to gain all of the knowledge necessary to train all of the Doctors and hospital staffs and nurses on the natural way to heal.It will be part of their regimen of getting rid of all sickness or disease as time goes by. But having every one being disease free because they now control their own health, and it would now be encouraged and not discouraged, is a very good problem to have indeed!

Thank you Mr. President, I know wading through this letter has not been easy nor was it a quick process, but I am sure that from this point on you will now have a very healthy understanding of this whole subject, and will not allow any advisor to trip you up or misguide any decision you may have to make in regard to this entire matter. God Bless you Mr. President, and your entire family, your entire Administration and God Bless America and our state Republics for which We Stand, One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!