Summary to Full Letter To Our President

Summary on the Public Letter To The Honorable 45th
President for these United States of America
Donald Trump

Disclaimer: You know how it is Mr. President, I have to make this disclaimer right at the top in order not to be branded or mislabeled as some medical expert or to be confused with giving medical advise of any kind. This is for educational purposes only and you will have to do your own research and make your own decisions from your research, even though I have in-depth medical knowledge and natural health wisdom, I can only represent that this is from our own use, our own success, our own research and our own time being spent verifying directly with people who also have first hand knowledge of the success they have obtained as we have from all over the World doing exactly what we are doing. This Disclaimer is made in addition to the Disclaimer-Privacy Policy also on this site, and reading this post or any other post means you have agreed to it.

Dear, Mr. President, we are honored to be able to present an honest and real solution for your consideration in the form of an extensive written 37 Page Letter to you Mr. President and the members of the First Family, this is a very small summary/introduction to that Letter. We have been extremely grateful to Almighty God for you winning and being our Honorable 45th President of these United States of America. We have followed every single event you have done since you walked down that escalator. We believe and trust in you and the entire First Family! Because you and your family Love this country and you want our country to win! And win! And win! And we have another way to win over this virus! We have an urgent Letter with a large amount of information which will help deter or eliminate any virus, this virus and any future mutation of it in this country forever, easily and simply. We have no idea if you even know about it, or if you have been properly informed on it. But the fact that I see in the conferences no mention of it at all, tells me they haven’t.

But, it is doable without any need for drugs, tests, plasma, antibiotics or vaccines. I don’t know how many in your circle will allow for a solution which would end dependency on those items. But it is just simple activate purified water. It works to get rid of this virus within 24 to 72 hours, every time, and I and my family have been using it for almost 5 years, and it has worked every time for us and for any of my friends who are also using it. And you can make it for as little as 6 cents per dose for us People. In the quantities the government could get, it could be made for as little as 0.10 cent per dose or even less.

Example testimony just posted on a site which documents testimonies of how well this active purified water works all around the world: The man is 85 years old and was confirmed to have coronavirus. He was quarantined at home, all of his relatives at home were also infected, but the elderly man was in very serious condition and on oxygen—by far he was the most worst off. He was given a 1 liter bottle of water which had 20 activated drops of the mineral solution added to it turning it into Active purified water. He was instructed to take a sip from the bottle every five minutes, but not to let it go past 10 minutes. So every 5 to 10 minutes the man took a sip (not a big gulp, just a sip) from the bottle—that’s all, but he did this faithfully, every 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day until the bottle was finished, just a sip each time. After three days he was noticeably improved and off of the oxygen, so his dose was reduced to 12 activated drops in the 1 liter bottle of water and he drank from it, just sipping it, every half hour. He is recovering quickly—90% improved, has just a slight remnant of cough occasionally. The rest of the family who also took the Active mineral purified water are now fully recovered.

Mr. President, just from sipping it! In my family, we used 6 drop dose with 4 oz of water for first dose, drunk it all, and then 3 drop doses in 4 oz of water and drunk it all every 2 hours and got rid of it within 24 to 48 hours each time, every time. But many times we have seen colds, flu’s or infections within as little as 6 to 8 hours, would be already going away and the person feeling better, and when they wake up the next day, whatever they had would be gone.

Three Testimonies from a past post from the same site, this is just from one person who has used it for his family and for his friends:
1. My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years, and since taking <Activated Purified Water> (as per protocol) for 10 days has declared himself cured! He has been on the strongest antibiotics for most of that time, which of course has had lots of side effects.
2. His daughter (3 y.o.) developed a severe throat infection and he said “it’s one thing to take <Activated Purified Water> yourself, but another thing to give it to a child”. However, after careful consideration he and his wife decided to give it to her. She took 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose on day 2, she started playing and felt fine. Normally such a situation would require antibiotics and bed rest for at least 7 days.
3. My son’s friend (55 y.o.) has had an elevated PSA count for the last 12 months to the point where prostate cancer surgery was planned. He started taking <Activated Purified Water> and after 10 days his PSA count had returned to within normal limits. His doctor was so amazed, he said “we have never seen this happen before” and demanded to know what he had been taking. He also suffers with an hereditary cancerous bowel condition, requiring very regular colonoscopies for diathermy of cancerous polyps. He had a colonoscopy after 2 weeks of <Activated Purified Water> and the doctor declared his bowel to be “clean” and not needing to see him again for 2 years.

Mr. President they have 300 or more just on this 1 site alone, 250 Video Testimonies as well, and over the years received testimonies which accounts for over 2 Million people who have healed themselves from just about every kind of disease, infection or virus commonly known. And this is only because the parties which don’t want this known, has been trying to hide and discredit the wide acceptance of this very real solution, which they have been doing for 24 years. This, if it would have been accepted and distributed world wide, would have cured 10’s of Millions of people over the years, most disease would have been a thing in the past. But, because they have a lot more money than the little guy who is saving lives, they have suppressed the valuable information of all their successes to feed their greed of keeping people on debilitating drugs which they make never ending amounts of money from.

We have have family and friends taking one 6 drop dose every day, and they never get sick any more since they started. Anytime I stay consistent, I am never sick during the time I take it every day, always. My Dad 91 years old, takes 1 dose every day, has not been sick for 4.5 years so far. Before he started taking it, he was sick up to 3 times per year every year. A friend was sick for weeks every year for the last 10 years, he now takes it every day, for the last 14 months, and has not been sick ever since, and he suffered from Arthritis for years, in pain every day, 2 months after starting to take it every day, Arthritis and pain in all his joints are gone. When the Covid (before we knew it was Covid) hit the family back in December 2019, yes W.H.O. and China knew back then, but we did not let it bother us, I gave everyone the Active purified water and everyone was over the virus within 24 to 72 hours, it was gone, back in December 2019. Why did we get rid of the virus so fast, because I immediately dealt with it immediately the second symptoms showed up.

For the last 5 years my family, who are extensive in number, have successfully healed ourselves every time and quickly from eye infections (really bad ones), ear infections (the ones from which you feel like half your head is going to explode), headaches (horrible and unbearable), Colds (which have been around forever in the world), Flu’s (all kinds, including respiratory kinds and Covid), Kidney Stones, Soar throats, nodules in the scalp, Arthritis, Skin Cancer, body pain, circulation problems, bladder infections, Gum infections, Abscessed Teeth (infection under the tooth, the kind the dentist says they have to be pulled, but not any more), I can go on and on, all healed every time, using only this simple activated Mineral in purified water. When we use it topically, we add another amazing liquid Mineral, which allows the simple activated purified water to penetrate deeply into the tissues faster, including enamel or bone, which helps to heal Abscessed Teeth with infections in the bone under the tooth, which just 2 weeks ago I took care of myself. Within 3 days my tooth was back to being strong and stable again, no Dentist, no antibiotics for infection, no pain killers..only active purified water. And that happened because I sadly was not taking my maintenance dose each day for my age, so slacking for weeks at a time, and then jammed a chip in between the gum and the tooth which caused it to infect under the tooth over a few days, but having the solution we have, we were able to take care of it our selves, completely cured. I could go on and on.

There is no need to wait for some drug, or vaccine, or tests, no need to wait to use plasma for antibodies, no need to hospitalize, everyone just drinking active purified water and you can get everyone over this now. And every one having access to this active purified water, would mean, no one would have to fear who has what, or how bad is it, because anyone would be able to recover themselves quickly and easily, not having to wait on anything, therefore it never goes beyond being symptoms that your fighting. The minute you have a symptom you can safely take this active purified water and quickly get rid of it, before it grows into something bigger, which can still be got rid of regardless, but by having this simple solution, no one would have to wait to get rid of it while it is just symptoms. Also the people taking it every day and myself at that time, were the only ones who did not get sick. So this is direct evidence that if you are taking the maintenance dose each day, the chances of you ever getting sick are slim and none.

The most powerful organ in the human body is your liver, it cleans your blood, the cleaner your blood the faster you heal. This active purified water boost’s the immune system by killing off pathogens and poisons in your body of water and in your system so your own immune system increases in fighting capacity 100’s of times, not percentages, all well explained in the Letter. All drugs damage the liver, this is well known. If you damage the liver, you prolong or make worse whatever the body is trying to fight. Read the side effects of over the counter drugs, and prescribed drugs the side effects are worse. Here is an extensive study and report issued even back in 2004 of how many people have died from unnecessary drugs, antibiotics, treatments from them, and the hospitalizations from them, all unnecessary, causing 783,936 unnecessary deaths at a cost of $282 Billion Dollars per year, worse yet, 20 Million people per year given unnecessary antibiotics, which leaves people up to 2 years susceptible for even worse infections:
The drug companies know this, the FDA knows this, but they criticize vitamins and natural solutions which have never been known to kill anyone, yet the biggest killer every year has been properly prescribed drugs. And yet there is no evidence anywhere to date showing anyone has died from using this Active purified water for almost 24 years, and an estimated 20 Million people using it worldwide, estimated around 11 Million just in the U.S. alone. We who have been using it, are the proof Mr. President. And Scientist’s and Medical Experts know this is true, and also using Ventilators also can scare or hurt the lungs, when they should have not needed it to begin with if properly treat with Active Purified Water. Hydroxychloroquine is still a drug, and works in some ways, but because it is a drug, and is engineered, it is not as effective. Active Purified Water is more potent more powerful more quick and a 100 times more effective because it increases immune system from the increase to the oxygen levels in the water and the Blood as well as attacking what causes the virus, as shown below in video:

Scientific Proof Active Purified Water – Activated Sodium Chlorite, which is diluted Chlorine Dioxide, used to Purify Water Supplies All Over the World and is safe!

Please give me a chance to get you this Public Letter (which we have not released to the public as of yet), which extensively provides details on the Minerals history and how it works and how it can solve the issues you have been wrestling with today, and it provides much evidence you need to see, and how this truth is being purposefully concealed and covered up in order to keep a lid on the facts, natural remedies not only work, but they would eliminate all dependency on drugs, antibiotics and vaccines forever and they know it. This particular remedy has proven over the last 20 years, could get rid just about anything effecting the human body known to mankind today.

The Letter is in PDF form so you can click on links to reports directly from your own government web sites which also provide proof of how safe it is. Yet, I believe strongly no one is willing to properly present it as a viable solution for this country, because they are defending a $844 Billion Dollar revenue a year industry: A lot of reasons why they don’t want a remedy which can actually get rid of anything ailing the body, which will completely effect their bottom line. So the question is, which will win? Greed or the Health and Safety of We the People?

Please Mr. President, I only trust you and your Family members and close real trusted advisors and confidants that you have shown you trusted recently, and I watch that list carefully, because I know you are very careful to make sure they are carrying out your mandates in your administration.

Please allow me to be able to get you this Letter, and because people are dying every day, normal slow channels are just not really an option. You need to see this information as soon as possible to help now. Each day, more needlessly die from this virus for no reason at all.

Please give me the opportunity to get you this critical information and you will not be disappointed with all that will be presented. Because I don’t want to loose any time getting this to you, please send an email to and I will then send you a password protected PDF document for your review, including links to more information which will confirm everything I have put in the letter and I will include a private number which you can call to ask any questions you may have 24 hours 7 days a week..

Thank You, and Lord Bless you Mr. President, and God Bless these United States of America.

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